Presentation to Orakei Local Board

Introducing Special Character Zones


Re-Introducing Centralised Master Community Plans



As mentioned in my “THE CLUNKER AND ME (2) + A NOTE ON MANUKAU” post I am trundling over from Papakura to Orakei to give a presentation in regards to the Unitary Plan. The presentation is on an idea to introduce a new zone into the Unitary Plan, and reintroduce a planning concept I devised in my submission to the Auckland Plan.

Special Character Zones will be introduced for the first time while the Centralised Community Master Plan will be reintroduced in my presentation (seen below):


It is worth noting that the Unitary Plan is still in its draft stage. Meaning it is possible to float ideas around the zones as they get adjusted for a more accurate reflection of both the city and people’s needs. Thus with places such as St Heliers, Mt Eden (which I will comment on in a moment), Onehunga and Ponsonby (as examples) deemed somewhat special here (okay I might be a tad underwhelming here in reaction – but read my presentation) have an option of another zone and planning method to protect both their character WHILE still taking its fair share in the growth of Auckland.


Just quickly; this Special Character Zone work was drafted up before  a public meeting tomorrow on about Mt Eden and Mt Eden Village (Save Auckland’s Volcanic Views – Save our views – have your say) was brought  to my attention. However, I do believe upon reflection that the Mt Eden Village might be suitable test subject for the Special Character Zone – Centralised Master Community Plan as mentioned in my presentation. If the Orakei Local Board presentation is a success I might try to see if I can pull off a dual presentation at the Auckland Plan Committee on May 14 (to which I am already speaking at in regards to Manukau). Although that might be me pushing a little bit of luck there 😉 . Unfortunately though I can not make it to the Mt Eden Village public meeting tomorrow as I am down in Drury at a Unitary Plan meeting on the crucial southern Rural Urban Boundary (only five minutes away from where I live).


None-the-less I better brush my oratory skills again before Thursday



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2 thoughts on “Presentation to Orakei Local Board

  1. Interesting idea. It would be great if areas with unique qualities could be looked after in this way. If you think of the Unitary Plan as a giant experiment – which I do – at least if a few neighbourhoods are protected for their historic character and or/natural heritage then if the city later changes its mind, there are some of the old-style neighbourhoods left behind. Not that Mt Eden doesn’t have a heap of infill housing and unsympathetic apartment blocks already – but there are many, many largely historic streets which only have the very weak pre-1944 demolition controls and these will be very vulnerable under the Unitary Plan. Those view shafts to the mountain are not well understood but they are precious and should be maintained so the views can be enjoyed from near and far. Three weeks ago I didn’t even know what a view shaft was – now I realise that the reason I can see the volcanic cones from so many places in the city is that the sight lines have been protected for decades. The Council keeps stressing that it is adding new views and improving their protection in the Unitary Plan – but has not acknowledged that in places like Mt Eden where zoning clashes with view shafts the Unitary Plan makes it much easier to build up into the view. This is not just about Mt Eden – similar rule changes affect One Tree Hill, Mangere Mountain, Mt Wellington and Rangitoto.

  2. Great post. A Special Character Zone could also apply to Remuera (part of Orakei Local Board area) – 100+ year old buildings (residential & commercial) zoned 4 storeys, in viewshafts of Mt Hobson/Ohinerau, Mt Wellington/Maungarei, One Tree Hill/Maungakiekie and Mt Eden/Maungawhau as well as Rangitoto. I am not against development but it needs to be sympathetic to the historic and human character of the area.

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