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Manukau South Link – Moving Ahead – Slowly


November 7, I had posted in my “WHEELS OF PROGRESS CONTINUE TO TURN” post how the Auckland Council Transport Committee resolved to pass a motion on moving along with the Manukau South Rail Link:


Today I took a quick look over and found the UNCONFIRMED Minutes (they will not be confirmed until the next Transport Committee meeting next month) of November’s meeting and found the resolutions in regards to the Manukau South Link:


For those who hate scrolling here is the motion and resolution here:


Transport Committee – 07 November 2012
Minutes – Page 5

8 Notices of Motion

  • 8.1 Notice of Motion

Cr GS Wood to move:

  • That the Transport Committee: Requests Auckland Transport to give a high priority to the installation of a south facing rail link between the Manukau Spur Line and the North Island Main Trunk Line at Wiri so that this connection can be in place by the time that electrification of the Auckland Metro rail system occurs.

Resolution number TRAN/2012/93

MOVED by Cr GS Wood, seconded Cr M Lee:

That the Transport Committee:

  • a) Receives the Notice of Motion by Cr George Wood: “Requests Auckland Transport to give a high priority to the installation of a south facing rail link between the Manukau Spur Line and the North Island Main Trunk Line at Wiri so that this connection can be in place by the time that electrification of the Auckland Metro rail system occurs.”
  • b) Notes that rail construction is the responsibility of KiwiRail.
  • c) Requests that Council officers consult with Auckland Transport (and the relevant Local Boards) and report back on the cost and benefits and strategic priority of a Manukau Branch line south facing connector in relation to other outstanding rail projects.




And so we wait as the wheels of the bureaucracy turn as the Benefit Cost Ration, as well as the strategic priority finding of the Manukau South Link get drawn up. It is a start as the Committee could have rejected the motion outright thus effectively burying the link for a very long time. I will keep the correspondence to the Transport Committee going seeking regular updates on how the planning is going for this crucial line.

I will also keep readers here at BR:AKL updated on any progress as well.


But so far; a small victory, and a heading in the right direction. Fingers crossed folks 🙂


One thought on “Minutes from Meeting

  1. What rail connections already exist that would allow a service from Manukau, back to the main trunk, then reverse out to travel South to Pukekohe ?
    This must surerly be a possibility and surerly would allow an immediate service for passengers living south of Mankau.
    Even as a DMU service or as a shuttle connection from South to Manukau and returning South it would be preferred to the no south service presently offered.


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