Southern Initiative and The Unitary Plan

Southern Initiative Stalled However?


As mentioned in the “UNITARY PLAN READY FOR THE COMMUNITY” post, the Draft Unitary Plan comes out for informal feedback on March 15 (while I happen to be in Australia at that particular moment). In short The Unitary Plan is the master planning rule book that will virtually dictate land use in Auckland (basically what we can and can not do with our land, and what can be developed and what can not be developed). Thus as a result the Unitary Plan will directly affect all urban and transport planning/development in regards to this Southern Initiative from Auckland Council. As for what this Southern Initiative is:

From Auckland Council website

The Southern Initiative

The Southern Initiative is one of the two big initiatives in the Auckland Plan. With a focus on South Auckland, it is designed to improve:

  • educational achievement
  • economic development
  • job growth
  • public transport
  • housing
  • social conditions

The Southern Initiative is being developed in partnership with government agencies, the local community and other key stakeholders.

A map of the initiative can be viewed on the Auckland Plan website:

Auckland Plan map 1.3 – The Southern Initiative PDF.


That PDF is around 13.6MB so here it is in the embed below

The Southern Initiative as in Map 1.3 of the Auckland Plan


Now that map is excellent for two reasons: first reason being it does rather confirm work stalling on this grand Southern Initiative designed by Council to lift the fortunes of Southern Auckland, second the map ties in very well as a base map for my “SOUTHERN AUCKLAND’S FUTURE” work (and have it in a ready state for when the Southern Initiative eventually fails).


Going a bit more in-depth here:

This Southern Initiative Map does go well providing a base map as I redevelop my submission to The Auckland Plan into my submission for the Draft Unitary Plan, and use it as base document for my Alternative Unitary Plan proposal.

Basically what can I see or do better in getting Southern Auckland going while still achieving this primary goal mentioned in my Auckland Plan submission:

The Auckland Plan should have One Goal: To accommodate employment and economic activity in supporting a healthy social and physical environment for over two million residents by 2040. In doing so The Plan has to follow the objective of being: Simple, Efficient, Thrifty, and restoring Affordability to residents and businesses while still making Auckland ‘The Most Liveable City.


Time to get the pencil and computer screening fluid out and see what I can come up with for Southern Auckland’s Future.


And asking the question I asked at the top of the post: Has the Southern Initiative stalled? You tell me.