Update on Auckland Transport and Possible Rail Fare Movements



On Monday in theFARE RISE ON AUCKLAND RAIL?post I had alerted to the fact Auckland Transport were preparing for some kind of fare movement of Auckland rail users:


Auckland Transport will announce after their Board Meeting today at AT-HQ Henderson that there will be actual fare movement for rail faresIt is stressed highly that some fares will go up and others will go down. However there is no word on capping fares or the Family Pass after a six month campaign by BR:AKL to have that pass restored for off-peak and weekend usage and passengers. BR:AKL believes the recent backsliding in rail patronage (which at current rates will fall back below 10 million rail passenger tips in April (after the March Madness spike) has caused Auckland Transport to back off a blanket fare increaseWe await the announcement from the AT Board this evening


You can see the rest of the post and AT Board Business report by clicking the respective blue hyperlink above.

Well after 24 hours of patient waiting I get a Twitter message from Transport Blog after they too had sort inquiries on the rail fare movements:

AkTransportBlog @AkTransportBlog
@BenRoss_AKL Yep, official answer I got was that it was a discussion paper and no public info yet

My reply was simply (From Facebook):

AkTransportBlog @AkTransportBlog
@BenRoss_AKL Yep, official answer I got was that it was a discussion paper and no public info yet <<<<< oh come on. There is meant to be a movement in fares on March 17 although that date could change admittedly

It is noted that the next AT Board meeting is 25 March (Monday) and the next Council Transport Committee meeting is March 6.


So basically a gut wrencher as we the ratepayer and rail user have to wait now even longer for AT to release some kind of announcement on rail fares. Also as it is alluded to above: “discussion paper” – yet there is meant to be a fare movement on March 17 which is about three weeks away. Not giving much notice now are we AT?

Although I do concede the discussion yesterday at the AT Board meeting was most likely heated – especially if AT Board Member, Auckland Council Transport Committee Chair, and passionate public transport advocate Councillor Mike Lee went full throttle in the debate.


So we will have to wait a bit longer to see which way those fare will move <_<