Resolutions to the Special Character Zone

Work Underway on the SCZ


While considerations and deliberations over Manukau are underway, another piece of work that I undertook with the Unitary Plan is also being worked on. Last month I gave a presentation to the Orakei Local Board in regards to concerns by St Heliers over Unitary Plan development in their area. Hence the Special Character Zone was born, and the Centralised Master Community Plan brought back out of the cupboard.

Two resolutions were passed by the Local Board that night and the SCZ work strengthened before it is taken around the rest of Auckland. The resolutions were (and is on public record):

OR/2013/84 Unitary Plan Zoning Issues
FILE REF CP2013/08075
MOVED by Member DEC Simpson, seconded Member M Thomas:
a)      That the Orakei Local Board thanks Benjamin Ross for his presentation and asks his permission to forward the presentation to key stakeholders to possibly consider when they make their submissions to the Unitary Plan.
b)      That the Orakei Local Board asks regional and local planning officers for comment on the feasibility of Mr Ross’ proposed Special Character Zones (SCZ) and Centralised Master Community Plans (CMCP).


The Abridged Version of the SCZ-CMCP Presentation can be found in the embed below:


So now I await the officer feedback on the proposals. This will be important before the concept is taken to the Albert-Eden Local Board as a potential solution to the Mt Eden Village situation that is still unfolding. In the mean time submission compiling and writing continues



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