Manukau as the Second CBD – A Clarification

I Believe in a Second CBD

NOT Shifting the Existing One


With Auckland Transport Blog stuck in their Mono Core Centric view thus a guest post from myself over to their blog on the incoming confusion over Manukau not rather possible, I shall run the clarification exercise here.

What has happened is that the media and other blogs have picked up Manukau as a CBD in Auckland. Whether that be shifting the CBD to Manukau from its existing site or allow two CBD’s in Auckland. This has the potential to create confusion in the Manukau debate, confusion I wish to clear up quickly.

On May 14 I gave a presentation to the Auckland Plan Committee on Manukau as a Second CBD of Auckland. This idea from my end has been floating around since my submission to the Auckland Plan two years ago. The presentation and subsequent master booklet outlined why Manukau should be a Second CBD of Auckland (not shifting the CBD to Manukau). Sustainability, Auckland as three distinct metropolitan areas, Auckland as a Megaopolis, and most of all the Geography of Sense of Identity around Manukau as a Second CBD of Auckland.

The presentation was received well by the Council and has been picked up from other quarters including the Manukau Central Business Association and the various media forms. However, since then something else has cropped up with Manukau that can skewer the debate rather quickly and muddy the waters.


The boys over at ATB have picked up on mayoral candidate John Palino’s call for shifting the CBD to Manukau. I don’t exactly recalling Palino saying that but will seek clarification. Clarification because I had a two-hour meeting with Palino last week in Manukau discussing Manukau at considerable length. I presented my idea on Manukau as a Second CBD and it provided some excellent discussion.

What the boys over at ATB have NOT done is finish their blog post and bringing a more balanced approach and bring to the table my own option with Manukau as the Second CBD. I believe in a dual-core city and have run the reasons why in my presentation work. It is all there for your reading. 

As I mentioned yesterday, the South Auckland is Choice blog picked up both mine and John Palino’s respective calls for Manukau. SAC also picked up the You Tube video showing how Manukau could look like by 2031 which caught my attention clearly.

Thus with ATB not rounding out the options there are being considered by Council and Southern Auckland I will paste below the links of the actual debate happening thus far:


To be very clear on the options that are out there currently and as they stand:

  1. Unitary Plan has Manukau as a Metropolitan Centre
  2. John Palino per the Manukau Courier wants to shift the CBD
  3. I am calling for a SECOND CBD in Auckland – Manukau being that second CBD!


So Manukau as a; Metropolitan Centre, Main CBD, or Second CBD of Auckland. Those are the options to consider.

If one does have any queries on the Manukau matter, leave a comment in the comment box and I shall answer then ASAP.

The Manukau as a Second CBD Booklet




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One thought on “Manukau as the Second CBD – A Clarification

  1. I have spoken to John Palino at length over the Manukau Courier and ATB on the Manukau CBD debate.

    From the conversation the Courier was incorrect in its reporting. Palino is supportive of the Manukau as the Second CBD concept – not shifting the main CBD south.

    Firmer policy action around this concept is being drawn up on the Second CBD concept as I speak and will be released in due course for the city’s consideration.

    Any questions around MY concept please leave an email or comment in the box below

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