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Public Transport Livery To Be Consistant

A Universal Brand


Auckland Transport are simplifying things as we start heading into the new public transport regime from mid next year.

From Auckland Transport with more on Tuesday:

A consistent look for public transport in Auckland

Auckland Transport is about to give the city’s public transport network a fresh, clear, consistent brand.

Over the next three years the branding will be phased in starting with the LINK services and the Northern Express.

Auckland Transport’s General Manager Marketing and Customer Experience Mike Loftus says a single identity will give Aucklanders and visitors a clearer understanding of what public transport is on offer and which areas specific buses, trains and ferries serve.

“Most metropolitan cities have a single brand network that is easy to recognise and enables clear, consistent communication with customers. Currently in Auckland there is no single identity, we have a variety of brands and looks. Customers relate to buses by the operator name rather than the wider public transport network”.

Auckland Transport’s Group Manager Public Transport Mark Lambert says having a single public transport network will ultimately build public confidence in the developing and improving PT system. “Knowing that all the services are integrated and part of the same system will help grow patronage”.

The  branding will mean common livery across public transport vehicles but differentiated by colour depending on the type of service.

The implementation of the livery is already underway and budgeted for on the electric trains.

Costs for the bus fleet will be kept to a minimum through:

  • Retention of ocean blue for Rapid Network services (Northern Express is already this colour).
  • Retention of red, green, orange and light blue for existing targeted services of the City LINK, Inner LINK, Outer LINK and Airbus.
  • The rest of the bus fleet to be transitioned as part of new contracts and costs incurred through new contract rates.

Mr Lambert says Auckland’s bus operators are aware of the changes and are working with Auckland Transport.

The Auckland Plan looks to double public transport trips from 70 million in 2012 to 140 million in 2022. The Auckland Plan’s priorities for Auckland’s transport system include “a single system transport network approach that manages current congestion problems and accommodates future business population growth to encourage a shift toward public transport.”

The new branding will be unveiled next Tuesday 16 December.


Source: https://at.govt.nz/about-us/news-events/a-consistent-look-for-public-transport-in-auckland/


Now then if we can just get those interchanges and, park and rides built so people could use this new network more…


Submission sent on New P/T Network (Southern Auckland)

Submission Sent to AT for Southern P/T Network


I finally wrote up and sent my feedback to Auckland Transport using the Online Feedback Form (no need for a 104 page monster this time round) today.

You can see what I exactly submitted on in the PDF embed below

I made no mention around the Te Mahia Station closing issue (which I support in closing) as that I will bring up at the Papakura Open Day this Saturday with the transport planners.

My primary feedback was around the good quality of the work drafted up by Auckland Transport on the Southern Public Transport Network proposal, and around the 365 and 371 bus routes which I would use once on stream.

I did suggest some changes to Routes 371 and 365 so that it takes into account Takanini Village and the proposed Glenora Road Station as potential stops. Some other changes and mention around off-peak frequencies were mentioned as well.

I did make a push for the Manukau South Rail Link again as part of the frequent transit network from Pukekohe and Papakura so that Southern Auckland gets a dedicated rapid and direct service to our biggest employment centre (in the south). The reasoning around that was a train from Pukekohe to Papakura to Manukau via the south link is faster than buses which would get caught in bottlenecks along the Great South Road (as well as stuck with 50km/h limits to the train’s 90-110km/h limits) and as hinted with speed limits actually faster than the bus. That also means faster than going to Puhinui Station by train and going through a clumsy transfer onto a Manukau Train from Britomart on a cold winter’s morning 😛

So let’s see where this feedback goes once AT starts its considerations on it all post August 2 (when the feedback closes)

You can see the Southern P/T Network over at AT’s webpage: New Public Transport Network




Auckland Updates

All Quiet (on the Western Front) at the Moment


All is quiet at the moment in regards to the Unitary Plan and transport issues in Auckland after some recent fanfare in both departments recently. Needless to say there is still quite a bit of activity going on behind the scenes.

Unitary Plan

There is a workshop today around: Universal Design, GMO‘s and noise (wonder if we can file a noise complaint against grandstanding councillors wasting our time); with the RUB workshop held on Monday gone.

I have heard word that the Councillors and Local Boards now have access to ALL of our submissions ranging from pro-forma to 104 page monsters along with comments from the Planners in them (red pen anyone). Those submissions have not been released into the public domain as of yet.

Rather than idly speculator I have sent an enquiry back to Council on the updates in getting the submission released. Will know more as soon as it comes through.

Further updates or happenings with the UP

  • Still waiting on enquiry into the RUB workshop and interim direction setting given from it back to the Auckland Plan Committee (July 25)
  • Active consideration being given around Manukau
  • Active consideration in having two workshops open to the media (in some shape or form)


Pretty much quiet here too along this front. In saying that we do have the Auckland Transport consultation period under way for the Southern Auckland New Public Transport Network – which is pretty good.

At the same time all eyes are watching ATB’s launch of their Congestion Free Network which I commented on here: “ATB’s Congestion Free Network” yesterday.

This piece from Radio NZ‘s Morning report sums up the situation. Listen especially towards the end of Todd Nial’s piece on the hurdles ATB and Generation Zero face at this point in time with their proposal:

Alternative public transport plan proposes more for less


Again and still, all eyes front to see where this goes.


And as always anything else that comes my way I will publish up ASAP.



Consultation Begins on Southern Auckland P/T Network

Get Your Feedback In


Yesterday Auckland Transport kicked off the consultation round on the Southern Auckland public transport network. We have until early August to “review” what is proposed and submit our feedback for AT’s consideration.

You can check the website dedicated to this over here: “New Public Transport Network

Emphasis is placed on the following steps before you fill in that submission form:

New Network Southern Consultation

Consultation is open on the New Network for South Auckland from 19 June to 4pm, Friday 2 August 2013.

To find out about the proposed changes and have your say we suggest you follow these three steps:

Step 1: Watch the video if you haven’t already, to understand how the New Network will transform Auckland’s public transport system.

Step 2: See the maps, and read the overview of the New Network for South Auckland in more detail, to learn about how the New Network will affect you.

Step 3: Have your say by completing the online feedback form, or come along to an open day.

If you are visually impaired or need assistance to complete the feedback form due to a disability, call our contact centre on 09 366 6400 and a call centre staff can complete the form on your behalf.

Download a consultation brochure in a language of your choice.

Read a consultation brochure in an accessible format.

Follow us on Twitter.

Register to receive email updates about the New Network.

Source – Auckland Transport

I notice AT have gone quite the length to communicate across as many mediums and in many languages as possible. I suppose that is owing to the diversity of those who live in South. So credit to Auckland Transport for their actual genuine attempt in reaching out across the spectrum in their communication – well done (and finally).


I have gone through the maps already and will be forming up my feedback soon. I notice the off-peak frequencies for the connector and especially the Local Services are a bit of a disappointment. A disappointment if the frequencies drop right back to hourly which does no one any good and continues to force car use unnecessarily. So AT has a bit of work to do in that department before the entire thing is finalised…


So what are your thoughts on the proposed network for the South? Comments welcome below.


Auckland Transport and Public Transport

Slick New Video on our Public Transport


If it was not for Budget 2013 and that Much-Ado-About-Nothing Accord causing grief in Auckland I would of gotten this post up yesterday. None the less Auckland Transport has released a rather slick video on how IT sees public transport post 2016. This is covered in the Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) and is stuff I have commented and submitted on before.

Take a look at the video from Auckland Transport which can be seen at their “New Public Transport Network” page.


Also take note of these wee facts:

Benefits of a simpler connected network will include:

  • Services at least every 15 minutes on the frequent network
  • Easier to understand
  • Access to more destinations across Auckland
  • Reduced waiting times

In October 2012, Auckland Transport called for Aucklanders to have their say on the future of public transport in our city. A total of 719 submissions were received on the draft Regional Public Transport Plan, which included the proposed new structure for Auckland’s public transport network. Approximately 70 per cent of submissions supported the proposed direction taken.

This schematic map of the proposed frequent network (PDF 250kb)includes the Southern, Eastern and Western rail lines, the Northern busway and high-frequency bus routes connecting major centres. This map shows only services (bus, rail and ferry) intended to operate at least every 15 minutes, 7am – 7pm, 7 days a week. Services will continue to operate outside these hours at lower frequencies. Other ferry, local bus and peak bus services will also operate.


I have not agreed or disagreed with what AT are proposing at this point and time. But, as mentioned earlier I have submitted and attended hearings on the RPTP thus far with another round of consultation coming next month.

Previous commentary and my presentation can be found at:


As also noted AT is beginning the next round of RPTP consultation starting with the south

Areas ​Consultation ​Implementation
South Auckland 19 June 2013 to
2 August 2013
Mid – end 2014​
North Auckland​ Early 2014​ Mid 2015​
Central, East and West Auckland Late 2014​ Mid 2016​


Also please take note of the Auckland Council Transport Committee and its deliberations over the RPTP at its Wednesday meeting:


So let see if proof is in the pudding after the next round of consultation with AT on public transport


As for things like the Manukau South Rail Link, Glenora Road Station, Electrification to Pukekohe, and Grade Separation of rail crossings which are all hot button topics and priority wants in the South; WORKING ON IT – still.



BR:AKL: Bring Well Managed Progress

The Unitary Plan: Bringing Change

Auckland: 2013 – OUR CITY, OUR CALL



Lesson From Melbourne

Auckland Transport: Take Note


Saw this via my Twitter feed a few moments ago:

Fare evaders allowed to do a runner

Michelle Griffin


Yarra Trams has ordered its inspectors not to pursue fleeing or aggressive fare evaders after a spate of attacks.

In an internal Yarra Trams memo obtained by 3AW, dated March 2013, ticket inspectors are told they:

  • Must not block the path of, or attempt to physically detain a person who attempts to walk/run away.
  • Must always maintain a safe distance between themselves and a person being spoken to – if possible.
  • Must not surround or corner any person being spoken to regarding an offence under the Act.

The edict was issued after 10 assaults on ticket inspectors on trams between January and March this year. According to a Yarra Trams spokesman, this is “slightly higher” than the number of assaults at the same time last year, and resulted in 15 minor injuries, such as sprains and bruises.

The edict effectively ensures that those who refuse to give their name and address and instead flee cannot be detained or fined.

This comes just as Public Transport Victoria orders an increase in tram patrols by inspectors, in an attempt to cut fare evasion to 7 per cent across the public transport network.

There have been several aggressive confrontations between inspectors and passengers reported in recent years.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/fare-evaders-allowed-to-do-a-runner-20130426-2iid2.html#ixzz2RWdwDPO7


This is happening in Melbourne while we have this per Campbell Live: “SERIOUSLY AUCKLAND TRANSPORT?” that I covered recently. No wonder why Councillor Mike Lee is jumping up and down red and blue in the face. But in acknowledgement and balance: Dr Lester Levy of Auckland Transport is actively working on this situation – a man I can trust as a ratepayer to sort what is best for both AT/Rail and the city (AUCKLAND TRANSPORT TO RE-THINK STRATEGY).


But Auckland Transport – take note of Melbourne please SO WE CAN AVOID Melbourne’s situation…



The RPTP – Round Two

Next Round of Consultation with the RPTP


Bit of a break from the Unitary Plan this morning as I cover my perennial favourite topic: Auckland Transport (in particular public transport). Four days ago Auckland Transport released a full update post-hearings of the Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP) which I both submitted and later presented in Manukau.

For a recap you can see my following RPTP posts on my submission and presentation


As a result of the hearings in February Auckland Transport has released a 57 page report on those hearings. You can read the report in the embed below:


I have not had a chance to read the document yet as such (busy with The Unitary Plan) however, take note of this:


When will the RPTP be formally adopted by Auckland Transport?

Auckland Transport has made significant progress towards the adoption of the draft RPTP.  Since the submission period closed:

  • We have successfully completed public hearings on the draft RPTP
  • After considering all the submissions received, the Hearing Panel presented a report to the Auckland Transport Board (the Board) recommending changes to the draft RPTP
  • In March 2013 the Board endorsed the changes to the draft RPTP recommended by the Hearing Panel.  This enables Auckland Transport to proceed with detailed local consultation on the proposed new public transport network for Auckland, a key element of the Plan.


The Land Transport Management Amendment (LTMA) Bill is currently before Parliament for approval.  Once the LTMA Bill is enacted by Parliament, the RPTP will be altered to ensure it is compliant with the new Act.  We envisage that any changes to what the board has endorsed will mainly relate to procurement issues.  Only once compliant, will the RPTP be formally adopted by the Board (expected to be later this year).  This delay is necessary because the new Land Transport Management Act will repeal the Public Transport Management Act under which the current draft RPTP was created.


Once formally adopted, we will inform submitters and make the final RPTP available for the public to view.


Local consultation on the proposed new public transport network for Auckland

Consultation on the proposed new public transport network for Auckland (the New Network) has been broken into 3 areas, with South Auckland being the first area to be consulted on.  Please see over the page the proposed consultation and implementation dates for the New Network.



Areas ​Consultation ​Implementation
South Auckland 19 June 2013 to
2 August 2013
Mid – end 2014​
North Auckland​ Early 2014​ Mid 2015​
Central, East and West Auckland Late 2014​ Mid 2016​

If you would like further information on the proposed New Network please visit our consultation webpage www.aucklandtransport.govt.nz/newnetwork, or email us at busreview@Aucklandtransport.govt.nz


Further information on the RPTP

To view further information on the RPTP; such as a copy of the draft RPTP, an electronic copy of the Hearing Panel’s report, or the hearings minutes please visit our consultation websitewww.aucklandtransport.govt.nz/rptp


So it seems I am back up for another round of consultation with the Public Transport Network (PTN) from June to August. I better brush up on my reading before submitting the next round of feedback (which is thankfully after the Unitary Plan).


Meantime I recommend a bit of brushing up as well with the PTN if you want a network that better serves you…