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Speaking Engagement to Manukau Businesses on Manukau as the Second CBD


By the time this comes up on Talking Auckland this morning I would have just completed my presentation to the Manukau Central Business Association, Business Networking Breakfast in Manukau itself.

The topic? Manukau as the Second CBD of Auckland.

You can check my presentation in the embed below:


Also some quick photos of all my “gear” prepared the night before ready for today

2013-06-25 20.51.11 2013-06-25 20.51.56


Will write-up a post later today on the networking breakfast and any replies back from Council on yesterday’s email enquiries into the two workshops being opened up.



2 thoughts on “Presentation Today

  1. Ben,

    I am not against this idea of a 2nd CBD but I just wonder what you see as currently holding back Manukau? Of course it could be designated a CBD under the Unitary Plan and maybe that is a good idea.

    But practically speaking, what would be the difference between that situation and what you have now? So for example, no height limits but there is currently I believe an 18 storey height limit in Manukau and noone is building that high. So what else is holding Manukau back from becoming a major commercial/business centre like a CBD? What practical changes do you think are needed to get that going?

    Why for example, did ASB not base their new HQ in Manukau and not in the relatively expensive Wynyard Quarter? I think the answer in agglomeration benefits of a big city but interested to hear your views.

    My concern is that it would require either (a) subsidising Manukau in some way to make it more attractive than the existing CBD, or (b) somehow making the existing CBD less attractive by penalising businesses from establishing there. I cant see why Auckland would want to do that as a strong CBD is a good thing for the city and makes the city more productive and efficient.

    If you think there are factors holding Manukau back that need to be addressed and which will allow it to grow organically (i.e. without artificial stimulus) then by all means let’s address those. If it involves trying to kill the existing CBD, that seems counter productive.

    Keen to hear your views.

    1. Just a quick update

      I have seen your comment here and do endeavour to reply back by Friday at the absolute. Been caught up with the first round of Unitary Plan deliberations that did not go too well yesterday; as well as the transport mega announcement last week.

      My apologies


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