Council Statement on Rural Workshop Today

From Council on Today’s Unitary Plan Workshop

All things Rural


Sorry folks media are not allowed into the workshops at the moment so we do rely on the statements that do come out. This is the latest one on all things Rural in Auckland.

Unitary Plan workshop supports protection of productive rural areas
Managing the effects of rural and countryside living, while preserving productive farm land, were among issues discussed by councillors and local board chairs at the third Auckland Plan Committee draft Unitary Plan workshop today.
Subjects raised for political direction included:
  • Rural subdivision
  • Countryside living lot sizes, location and extent
  • Mixed-rural zone
  • Second or subsequent dwellings on rural sites
There was general agreement with the direction of the Auckland Plan for rural areas to remain rural in character and future rural population growth to be focused in existing towns and villages.
These sentiments were reflected in much of the feedback so far on the draft Unitary Plan.
Suggested approaches discussed at the workshop today included:
  • No net increase in the number of rural sites, to protect productive land and avoid fragmentation
  • Investigate additional countryside living areas and potential for different lot sizes around rural towns and villages
  • Review the location of the mixed rural zones and whether additional mixed rural zones would be appropriate
  • Investigate providing for second or subsequent dwellings on rural sites
Council staff will continue to do further work on these areas.


All recommendations from the Rural workshop will head to the July 25 Auckland Plan Committee. Hopefully that Committee will not be treated as a joke by Grandstanding Councillors as yesterday’s one on the Mixed Housing Zone splitting.