Submission sent on New P/T Network (Southern Auckland)

Submission Sent to AT for Southern P/T Network


I finally wrote up and sent my feedback to Auckland Transport using the Online Feedback Form (no need for a 104 page monster this time round) today.

You can see what I exactly submitted on in the PDF embed below

I made no mention around the Te Mahia Station closing issue (which I support in closing) as that I will bring up at the Papakura Open Day this Saturday with the transport planners.

My primary feedback was around the good quality of the work drafted up by Auckland Transport on the Southern Public Transport Network proposal, and around the 365 and 371 bus routes which I would use once on stream.

I did suggest some changes to Routes 371 and 365 so that it takes into account Takanini Village and the proposed Glenora Road Station as potential stops. Some other changes and mention around off-peak frequencies were mentioned as well.

I did make a push for the Manukau South Rail Link again as part of the frequent transit network from Pukekohe and Papakura so that Southern Auckland gets a dedicated rapid and direct service to our biggest employment centre (in the south). The reasoning around that was a train from Pukekohe to Papakura to Manukau via the south link is faster than buses which would get caught in bottlenecks along the Great South Road (as well as stuck with 50km/h limits to the train’s 90-110km/h limits) and as hinted with speed limits actually faster than the bus. That also means faster than going to Puhinui Station by train and going through a clumsy transfer onto a Manukau Train from Britomart on a cold winter’s morning 😛

So let’s see where this feedback goes once AT starts its considerations on it all post August 2 (when the feedback closes)

You can see the Southern P/T Network over at AT’s webpage: New Public Transport Network




8 thoughts on “Submission sent on New P/T Network (Southern Auckland)

  1. I am also a huge fan of the Glenora station… I went to the open day today as well, at the Church on Broadway. Of course I didn’t really get anywhere new with trying to find out why the Glenora is being shunned by AT. For me it’s astonishing that Len Brown needs to raise the overall patronage to 20 million trips per year and yet putting a new station that would be far superior to Takanini for such a small monetary contribution on AT’s behalf is something that they just do not want to hear about.

    I have a real suspicion that the folks at AT have no idea, nor care for the upcoming region of North Papakura/Takanini and the Conifer rove area. Case in point, where is the bus route through to Takanini Railroad station in their new proposal? I think I remember seeing only the one bus route actually feeding the Takanini Railroad station in the proposal…

    The only excuse I’ve been given is that the grade separation must occur before Kiwirail will allow any station to happen. I’m not really buying that excuse as Walters road is at a point where on Thursday cars were driving around the drawn barriers due to a fault, it needs to be upgraded now, before a series of tragedies occur… I’ve been wondering how New Lynn got funding as surely Glenora could follow the exact route that New Lynn did to try and get funding for the grade separation.

    1. Was wondering when someone would mention Glenora Road Station at length.

      This is what the last I heard on Glenora Road Station was:

      Station to be built by the developers so literally free to AT and the City. AT said yes but then no by chucking in the $20m odd cost to grade separate Walters Road Crossing. This stalls Glenora Road Station and has all of “us” frothing at the mouth towards AT.

      The announcement of the CRL by the PM comes along and we are left wondering what is exactly being funded? Is it just the $1.8b figure which is the tunnel and three stations; or is it the entire $2.84b option which is the CRL, more EMU’s, double tracking the Onehunga Line, and GRADE SEPARATION of ALL Level Crossings between Papakura and Swanson.

      Now if the PM has committed to the $2.84b option then we have no issues with Walters Road being grade separated – all covered.

      If the PM has however committed to just the $1.8b option then it should be no issue for Walters Road for the reasons you stated Lance. What it sounds like is someone in AT and KR being opportunistic when we get gifted a free station of absolute high benefit to the South.

      In saying of all this I do have a meeting with an AT Executive member over Glenroa Road Station in two Monday’s time. Hopefully I can fully flesh out what is going on with Glenora Road and report back here where possible

      Fingers crossed

  2. I’d be interested in your comments about the proposed closure of Westfield station.

    My my personnel point of view this would see about 20 minutes added to my travel time having to travel to Otahuhu interchange station, be my next closet station.

    This extra travel time will almost certainly see me abanding public transport in favour of taking my car in to the city as it would be quick and more convenient.

    1. I would need to know a bit more about your travel patterns there Robert. As there is no easy to access off street parking at Westfield Station (if you are parking in the Kiwi Rail and Transdev staff car park on the Portage Road side your car can be towed) and AT are planning to build a full interchange at Otahuhu Station for train and buses (Park and Ride not sure yet).

      1. I walk the short distance to the station.
        The planned bus service to Otahuhu requires me to travel in the opposite direction about 2.5 km to catch a train back in to the city.
        To me the Westfield station should be the main interchange station between the Southern and Eastern lines with a third platform being build to allow for the two line to have easy transfer.

      2. Looking at Westfield there would be no room with the Westfield yard to one side and the meat works on the other.
        One thing that is sitting in the pipeline is Kiwi Rail could build a flyer over at the Junction in the future to get trains crossing over more efficiently

        However Westfield is an interesting one and I wonder what would happen if the Kiwi Rail / Transdev car park on the Portage Road side was flipped into a park and ride. I am reluctant on Westfield due to its low patronage but still a key access point for workers and commuters

      3. The old freight line through the KiwiRail carpark would make an ideal layout for adding a third platform, obviously the alignment would be a little south of the present platform.

        A new carpark with park and ride, bus transfer could be built above the rail lines.

        When the freight line is finally built that could ideally be put through the mashalling yard. Remember when the passenger services are moved to Wiri this will free up some of the present stabling tracks.

        Westfield has a lot of potential, given the industry in the area, for future growth.

        I believe that instead of saying patronage is low CLOSE IT, the question should be how can we increase it.

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