Public Feedback on Unitary Plan Coming Through

Starting with Reports on what we submitted on


This release came from Council while I was at the Generation Zero/Auckland Transport Blog presentation on their Congestion Free Network for a #movingauckland.

From Council

Feedback on residential and business zones


Feedback reports summarising what Aucklanders said about the proposed residential and business zones in the draft Unitary Plan are now online.


The reports cover what zones received the majority of comments and identify the common concerns and issues raised by those who provided feedback over the 11-week informal engagement period.


Further detailed reports summarising feedback on parts of the plan such as design, coastal, parks and open spaces, rural and natural environment will be published in the coming weeks.


Councillors and local board members are attending workshops to discuss the feedback and the changes that will be made for the proposed plan, which will be notified later this year ahead of the formal consultation phase.


All the feedback received on the draft Unitary Plan will be posted on the Auckland Council website in a searchable format in early August.


Read the reports at




Early August is when our full submissions come up into the public realm for our consumption and research.

I will comment where I can on these summary and reports (which I will embed below) once I have gone through them. I have only just returned from the CBD and will be reading the “paperwork” tonight and tomorrow morning.

For your consumption though, here are the summaries and reports thus far which can also be found here:

Summary of Business Zones Feedback Report




Summary of Draft Unitary Plan feedback





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2 thoughts on “Public Feedback on Unitary Plan Coming Through

  1. Opposed to height in metro centres? What ever next. Must read the rest later. 3 full on days ahead. Thanks Ben.

    1. I will be forwarding specific questions to the Council over the Metropolitan Centre height issue.

      What the reports from Council did not make clear but I know from discussions is that Newmarket, New Lynn and Botany are all good with 18 storeys. Albany and Takapuna are trying to figure things themselves out as it has the 3rd CBD or rather 2nd Super Metropolitan Centre debate they need to work through, otherwise they have no particular issue with the 18 Storey height limit at the moment. Sylvia Park is interesting as there is a debate on whether to keep it as Metro or flip it over to the General Business Zone. Manukau being gunned for Unlimited Height per the Super Metropolitan Centre push. Papakura attracted a lot of opposition as did Henderson with 18 storeys. The comments were the same in too high and take both out of the Metro box and place into a new category called Large Town Storey with a 12 storey limit.

      So yeah – interesting. But got to get the comments out before those particular NIMBY’s on the Shore (no not Auckland 2040) go do some more scaremongering

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