Heavy Auckland Plan Committee Agenda

Going to be a long and contentious day


August 13 is going to be a very long and contentious day in Town Hall starting at 10am sharp.

While the agenda is not as long as the Transport Committee agenda’s (and that is only due to the Auckland Transport monthly report from its respective Board being added) it does stand at 200 odd pages long and has five heavy items in there. They being:

  1. Unitary Plan Update
  2. Port Zone decision
  3. Lot 59 (The Manukau Bus Interchange opposite the MIT being built in Manukau)
  4. Mill Road/Redoubt Road Corridor
  5. Iwi Management Plan


You can see the main agenda and the addendum agenda below


The Main Agenda


The Addendum Agenda including the Unitary Plan and Port of Auckland


Of course I will be in attendance at that Committee meeting and Tweeting live as the updates and moves occur. Also an update on the Congestion Free Network should also arrive on Tuesday (the 13th as well).


As I said in the beginning, it will be a long and contentious day as the heavy stuff progresses through.