2013/2014 Summer Series #4.1

The Talking Auckland Summer Series


The Talking Auckland 2013/2014 Summer Series, a collection of photos, quips, and light stories from around Auckland over the ChristmasNew Year run. Normal Talking Auckland commentary will resume from 13th January, 2014.

Summer Series Post #4.1


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Part One of some random pictures from Manukau and Manukau City Centre this morning. What was I doing in the area? Why getting my Boxing Day sales without the hassle of finding a car park not walking like sardines inside the mall as it was empty at 10:30am. Oh and I still got my 40-60% off discounts too 🙂 so happy me and very happy wife!


As I will show in part two, Manukau is forecast to undergo significant change and evolution under the Unitary Plan. Currently Manukau City Centre is labelled Metropolitan Centre with a concerted push for it to be recognised as a Super Metropolitan Centre.

Waves of constant and positive news, growth and investment are greeting Southern Auckland with its engine rooms – Manukau and Wiri right at the heart of all of it.

2014 as we enter the City Building Phase will be the beginning of restoring the love and economic prowess back down in the South.


In the mean time its time for another cold-one while on the deck chair chill-laxing in this beautiful Summer weather 🙂


Hope your Christmas was a good one folks and a Happy New Year, 2014!