Coming Up This Month With South Auckland Public Transport

Interchanges and Rail Links


March will be a pretty big month for both Auckland Transport and the Auckland rail network. This month AT is due to release (well present in a closed session 😦 ) the much awaited rail strategy as well as give an update into the Manukau Transport Interchange.

Tomorrow Auckland Transport will be giving an update to the plans for the Manukau Interchange between the MIT-Manukau Campus building and old Manukau City Council Building at a breakfast with local businesses in Manukau City Centre. I have been privileged to have been invited along and I will be there tomorrow morning to see what Auckland Transport has on the interchange. I wonder what tweaks have been done since the concept plans were presented to Council in May last year  – especially around the saw-tooth design for the metro-buses which is impractical thus was near universally panned on Transport Blog soon after. Last week NZTA announced funding to continue the  development work around the Manukau Interchange. You can see the news (as well as my alternatives to the interchange) here: NZTA Funding Designs for South Auckland Transport Interchanges


Also this month Auckland Transport’s Capital Review Committee takes a first look at the much awaited Rail Strategy before it goes to AT in full next month and the respective Council Committees after that. Transport Blog has made mention of this in which I picked up in my AT February Agenda Out post

From Transport Blog

The other paper gives is the forward programme for the board showing what is coming up for them to discuss/decide on. Naturally the next few meetings are more fleshed out than those 4-5 months out. Some projects that I picked up were:.

  • In March the closed session will see papers on AMETI, Mill Rd, Dominion Rd, integrated fares, replacing parking ticket machines, selling the diesel trains. At the capital review committee a few weeks before three is also a paper on AT’s rail strategy.
  • In April there will be closed session discussion on the seawall in the city centre, SMART (rail to the airport), Mill Rd (again), AT’s rail strategy, Papakura – Pukekohe electrification,


From previous emails with Auckland Transport; the Rail Strategy (which is somewhat annoying that it is in the closed session) should have the Manukau South Rail Link Business Case study which was called for by the previous term of Council after lobbying (started by yours truly). My last mention of the South Link was made here: “Manukau South Link – Operations – Part One” where I built a possible frequency table to allow 20 minute frequencies from Pukekohe/Papakura to Manukau via the South Link. Estimated patronage numbers using the South Link was calculated at the time to rival our fifth busiest station which I believe is Papatoetoe or Manurewa at the moment (Britomart, Newmarket and Papakura are the top 3).

The Rail Strategy I believe was also to lay out: the timeline for grade-separation of our level crossings, new stations (Glenora Road, Drury and Paerata), Pukekohe Electrification (although I see that has been separated out for the April agenda), and a few other things to enhance the metro rail network in Auckland. Will have to see when the Strategy can be released into the public arena so at least we can take a look at it. Needless to say the respective Council Committees are going to be busy for the next few months at least with all this stuff coming out from AT.


Interesting times ahead and I hope AT releases the Rail Strategy into the public realm as soon as it possibly can.


Site of the Manukau Transport Interchange. MIT Manukau in the background
Site of the Manukau Transport Interchange. MIT Manukau in the background