Manukau Metro Town Centre – Progress

Macro-Detailing nearly complete


Progress continues to draw up the Manukau Metro Town Centre and the new Manukau Park which would be located at the southern end of the existing Westfield Manukau Mall.

After some debate in Twitter I have decided to keep the glass roof over the two main (pedestrian) streets unless you really want to be hosed on by our unpredictable weather while you either shop or “just hanging out.” There are still plenty of open (pedestrian) streets and paths within or near the complex if you wish for some open air. Also I have not “sealed” the entrances to the Metro Centre with doors bur rather have left them “open” similar to the arcade piece at the Westpac/EY building at the Britomart Precinct.

A brief recap from my “Mock-Up for Manukau “Metro Town Centre” Underway” post on the proposed features of the Manukau Metro Town Centre complex:

  • Dual car parking entrances for bi-level underground car park. Both entrances are connected via access-ways to Manukau Station Road
  • Shared Spaces with the “ring road” that rings around the complex to allow service vehicles access to both the complex and Mall
  • Metro Town Centre linked to proposed Sky Train via a station next to the park. The Manukau Transport Interchange is a quick five-minute walk via the pedestrian mall from the complex
  • Wide pedestrian “malls” both covered and uncovered while acting like “Main Streets” found in classic town centres
  • 15 storey apartment complex (changed from 10 storeys)
  • Retail, food-court and office space included in the three storey complex
  •  A Metro Centre Circle in the middle of the complex that would act like a Town Centre Square
  • To be Green Star 6+ rated in terms of sustainability
  • Plazas included on northern and north-western end of the complex
  • Next to Manukau Park which itself features:
    • wide (pedestrian) streets
    • Playground
    • Water features
    • A “pocket park”
    • Native flora including native trees


Some pictures of the progress

Manukau Metro Town Centre MK 1 4 Overview annotated
Manukau Metro Town Centre MK 1 4 Overview annotated


Rest of the pictures including Manukau Park

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Attribution for the Athens Pocket Park that has been used in the Manukau Metro Town Centre Mock Up:

Next step is to finish the ‘foundations’ to the Sky Train Line before touching off the project with some basic micro-detailing.