And This Time I Talk Southern Initiative

Let’s Talk About Manukau


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On the All About Auckland Show on Monday (I think it was the Monday just gone – the email isn’t 100% clear when it arrives on a Wednesday) I was with Transport Blog’s Patrick talking transport in light of the budget constraints facing Auckland Transport. Next Monday I am back on the show this time with Manukau Ward Councillor Alf Filipiana talking The Southern Initiative.

Followers of the blog will know I have not been the biggest “fan” of The Southern Initiative with a presentation given to the Auckland Development Committee last November being scathing of the Initiative.

That said I joined Councillor Filipiana talking about The Southern Initiative and its (brighter) future as well as over projects happening in South Auckland.

Looking at the promo piece from All About Auckland about The Southern Initiative talk:

Southern Initiative

We investigate the ongoing development of Manukau City from Tomorrows Manukau to the Southern Initiative .

Manukau City has had many false starts and many millions of dollars thrown at it in efforts to make it work.Under the Super City the Mayor set up the Southern Initiative group to spearhead the public sector effort. However the group was starved of funds from the outset. Coupled with that the Manager John McIntee failed to engage the Local Boards in the vision, causing a serious rift.

The group can under the microscope recently and a new Manager replaces McIntee in August. The budget will expand from $180,000 per annum to $680,00 pa and six new positions have been established to add capacity to engage with stakeholders.

I discuss this stressed organisation with the group Chair Cr Alf Filipiana and Auckland Commentator Ben Ross.


The discussion was good and frank with it concluding the future for both Manukau and wider Auckland is on the up and up. Remember South Auckland is the rising jewel of Auckland’s Crown something both Alf and I are very proud of. Once the link for the show comes up I will provide it in the blog.

See: South Auckland – The Rising Jewel in Auckland’s Crown on that particular upbeat story