From the Auckland Development Committee [Updated]

Gateway Program “under review,” presentation received well, Area Plans endorsed. Minutes Attached


Northern Busway Uni Station Source: Supplied
Northern Busway Uni Station
Source: Supplied


Yesterday the Auckland Development Committee met and worked its way through the various agenda items. For the most part the Committee meeting went well although it grounded itself down over the Mangere Gateway Program which annoyed the media table to no-ends.

In no particular order some brief recaps on the matters discussed:

City Centre Integration Update – Monthly update

  • Downtown Precinct Framework: subset of opportunities that builds on the City Centre Master Plan and Integrated Transport Program (being some mentioned)
  • One of five frameworks under-way
  • Draft Downtown Precinct Framework to seek consideration in August Auckland Development Committee
  • Provides finer detail and strategies on how the downtown precinct interconnects with other City Centre projects
  • Sea Wall needing upgrading due seismic activity with upgrade under way.
    • Full upgrade to start next year but options to be considered on work scheme required
    • Sea Wall upgrade will take into sea level rise and climatic change situations
  • Quay Street identified by the City Centre Master Plan as an important project for the City that Council wants to get under way. An Expression of Interest is out to the market (see Downtown story update). Multi-agency role and review of the contenders for the Quay Street project
  • Quay Street:  undergrounding the street for intra-regional traffic movement while open space above? Possibility especially with Sea Wall major upgrade. This was mentioned by Councillor Mike Lee especially as Quay Street is used as a freight thoroughfare for Port of Auckland’s North Auckland and Northland freight traffic 
  • Quay Street: Transport solutions for the east-west arterial. Councillor Brewer seeking reassurance on traffic flows for the area.
  • Councillor Fletcher: Looking at public space provisions. The want to humanise Quay Street and the concepts will look at the pro-humanisation approach. That is the socialisation and interaction in the area.The agencies and Councillors have been positive and willing with the Downtown Precinct and Quay Street upgrades.
  • Public consultation on Quay Street: unknown until Expression of Interest is complete
  • Aotea Station in regards to North Shore Line: No definite proposals or thinking on-line designation


Mangere Gateway Programme

  • Projects stalling as the project has been going since 1992
  • Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board and Officers have been working away. Local Board is disappointed in the stalling of the project. See presentation of LB’s concerns (below).
  • Councillor Krum: First time she has heard of the project. Budget constraints. How to get up to speed on the aspirations of the Gateway Project that has been going on since 1992. Local Board want the project to be finished once and for all.
  • The need for speed with it going since 1992. Let’s finish this up once and for all. Acknowledgment of budget constraints. Airport wanting to be a partner and everyone wants this project sped up and done!
  • Southern Initiative Project potential
  • Reason for stalling according to Chief Planning Officer: not preferred option (the site of the visitor centre)
  • $3m for the project as per the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan
  • Request for LB to take lead role on the development
  • Resolutions (see agenda minutes (will be posted once up))
    • Vote: Passed 13-4

The presentation the Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board gave prior to the Committee debate:



Area Plans

Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board Area Plan

  • Seeking endorsement for Public Consultation
  • Local Board aware of funding issues but the Area Plan is to be lean as possible with public resources noting budget constraints
  • Area Plan rollout timeframe to be reviewed owing to 2015-2025 Long Term Plan issues
  • Councillor Wood complementing Plan especially tying back to the revamped Southern Initiative. I also gave the Area Plan a ringing endorsement as a private citizen during my Metropolitan Centre presentation to the Committee earlier on
  • Vote to endorse the Area Plan thus allowing it to go out for public consultation: Passed


Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Area Plan

  • Seeking endorsement for public consultation
  • See presentation hand out for Area Plan highlights
  • Differing Community engagement on initial write-up of draft Area Plan and Local Board Plan
  • 600 submissions
  • Devonport Takapuna Local Board echo my presentation on importance of the Metropolitan Centre (they have the Takapuna Metropolitan Centre)
  • 40% of people live in Local Board area also work in Local Board area
  • Big push on public transport
  • Push to get Milford and Sunnynook Centres done up
  • Unitary Plan gives the zone
  • Area Plan builds on the zones

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Presentation on their Area Plan (again a fine Area Plan)


My Presentation

I gave my presentation to the Committee yesterday on the push in getting Metropolitan Centre Master Plans under way for the Local Boards that have those second tier centres. The presentation can be seen below:

Needless to say I was not expecting any questions as the presentation was designed to give the Committee a nudge in which they did and understood, especially as three Local Boards echoing the calls for these Metropolitan Centre Master Plans to get under way rather soon. Regional and Local Planner Penny Pirrit (who is also overseeing the Unitary Plan as it works it way through the processes) after prompting from Committee Chair and Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse did respond that:

  • Area Planners are still tied up with the Unitary Plan Planners in working through the Unitary Plan Processes
  • Projects under way such as Westgate, New Lynn and Manukau City Centre. However (and as I note an am aware of) these are from legacy plans prior to the inception of the Super City in 2010. This earns a response from me that while we need to finish these off before beginning anew, the prod along needs to happen to get these new Master Plans under way. New regime new plans, time to finish off these legacy programs. Just of interest I note the Tomorrow’s Manukau 2006-2016 plan from the former Manukau City Council which was to guide the development of Manukau City Centre concludes in 2016. Perfect timing for the Manukau City (Super) Metropolitan Centre Master Plan drawn up ready for execution in 2016 (when also the Unitary Plan goes operative). As I said: New Regime, New Era, New Plans for this new future!
  • A case of spatial priorities on which areas need first up attention. This will be guided through growth projections of Auckland and the outcomes of the Unitary Plan post Hearings Panel. My response on that alone is the South is growing the fastest (in population while being second in total employment centres growth behind the Main City Centre (which has its City Centre Master Plan) with the population estimated to go from housing 38% of Auckland’s total population to 45% if not 50% by the end of the Auckland Plan in 2042. So even with budget constraints I would say we have some spatial priority needs down here 😉

So the nudge has been given and the Local Boards are also giving the nudge as well. Will see what the main Council and the planners do over the next nine months especially as the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board Area Plan approaches operative status.


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And that was the Auckland Development Committee yesterday. Don’t forget I talk The Southern Initiative on the All About Auckland Show next week (see And This Time I Talk Southern Initiative)