THE 2015-2025 LONG TERM PLAN SERIES #6: My Initial Feedback

My Initial Feedback to the Long Term Plan


Part Five which looks at the Local Boards I will run at a later date once I have sent out a questionnaire and got the answers back to.

In this post and pod cast I give my initial feedback on the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan. It will form the basis of my full feedback to the Long Term Plan next month.

Supporting material will be at the bottom.


My Initial Feedback


Consultation Book with the Questions at the back


The Rates Calculator (for my property)

Rates calculator can be found HERE



  1. Introduction
  2. Investing in Auckland (Includes 10 year Budget at a glance)
  3. Fixing Transport
  4. Your Rates
  5. Housing and Development
  6. Local Board priorities (general unless I get specific requests)
  7. My feedback indication
  8. Conclusion


2 thoughts on “THE 2015-2025 LONG TERM PLAN SERIES #6: My Initial Feedback

  1. Hi Ben, I have a question? The Development Contribution law change that happened last year. On the Auckland Council website, it said they would be getting public feedback on this at the same time as the long term plan. But there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it in the LTP nor any sign of the asset list which includes significant projects. And the biggest local projects don’t appear in the local boards portion of the plan. Do you know if this is something the public will see?

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