Initial Responses to Long Term Plan Feedback So Far

Interesting Mix but somewhat expected


Orakei Local Board member Mark Thomas posted some graphs showing the initial responses to the Long Term Plan thus far:

End of week two of the 10 year budget consultation and Aucklanders: 1) Don’t want a rates increase 2) Want more investment in transport 3) Are split on a motorway charge vs rates/petrol tax/other.

Looks like record numbers, almost 2,800 already compared with 34 three years ago. Still early days and not all submissions coded to answers. Submit at


Just a note on the $900 UAGC

This is how the cards will fall if the $900 Uniform Annual General Charge was applied:

Uniform Annual General Charge 2015
Uniform Annual General Charge 2015

In short South Auckland would be severely hurt under a $900 Uniform Annual General Charge while Orakei would get rates decreases. Under the $385 charge Orakei would get a 6.51% while South ranges from -3.65% to a 9% rise. This all changes under a $500 UAGC which if need be does balance as does the $385.


My initial feedback on the Long Term Plan can be heard here: THE 2015-2025 LONG TERM PLAN SERIES #6: MY INITIAL FEEDBACK