Governing Body to Meet Today; Ports and Budget On The Table

9:30 Town Hall

This morning the Governing Body of Auckland Council will meet at Town Hall. The two main agenda items? Port of Auckland (under Extraordinary Business) and the Mayor handing down his recommendations for the Long Term Plan (the Budget).

You can access the live streaming of the meetings here:

I did see the piece from the Herald this morning (Mayor tipped to add 2% for transport to rates increase) about the Mayor looking at bringing in the 2% Transport Targeted Rate. That should spark off a debate in itself amongst other things but I did note this from Councillor Cameron Brewer:

Orakei councillor Cameron Brewer said a targeted transport rate could be supported by some councillors if the average rate increase was lowered to 2.5 per cent and the targeted rate was a fixed charge and not based on property values.


Okay Councillor shave $200m off the annual OPEX Bill (seeming an absolute majority wanted reductions in Governance and Support (probably the wage bill) in the LTP submissions) and you have a deal.

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