Your City Leaders Behaving (In)Appropriately #Auckland2016 #AKLPols

Time to shine the light in preparation for #Auckland2016

Metro Magazine ran a brilliant piece on Auckland needing a Mayor post 2016. Metro also had this to say on the Governing Body of Auckland Council:

The problem of finding good mayoral candidates for Auckland is mirrored at council level, where there is a similar dearth of talent emerging to shake things up. It runs deep, and it’s a surprise. The super-city was supposed to make Auckland such an economically and socially vibrant powerhouse, it would attract a high quality of candidates for public office. Why hasn’t that happened?

Partly, it’s because when the old fogeys hog the limelight — not just Goff but, even more incredibly, Maurice Williamson and John Banks — it’s hard to blame ambitious younger people for deciding they’d be better off going to the beach.


Full article:

As people including myself (at the age of 30) do our due diligence on whether to run for Council or not the above and the below seriously weigh into our minds:

Need this to change
Watching the live stream of the Councillor conduct at Committees though is off-putting

[Francis McRae @FrankMcRae
@SilorBoy @DickQuax This is the problem with low engagement in local government. Old hacks with name recognition get voted in no matter what]

Serious who wants to listen to this at a Committee for 8 hours a day when in session:
1) Captain No Brewer
2) Chris Fletcher being Blatantly rude to the Deputy Mayor
3) Mike Lee attacking staff
4) Wayne Walker not shutting up when told

Yeah these are our leaders

Here is Chris Fletcher being out of line against the Chair and the Deputy Mayor

You can watch the streaming services of Council committees here: 

The inappropriate behaviour has in my eyes has gone on long enough. If we are to attract talent and I mean actual talent to lead this City for the City and its People then we don’t need them put off by behaviour of the incumbents.

As for attendance to the Auckland Development Committee I can say that attendance was good with apologies noted for those away or late. I will be keeping tabs on the Finance Committee tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Your City Leaders Behaving (In)Appropriately #Auckland2016 #AKLPols

  1. Instead of all this discussion, those against could have simply voted NO on the original motion.
    C liff

  2. That’s not my read on it at all. Clearly both representatives of the Ward (Casey, and Fletcher) are very upset,. Genunine concerns raised by Councillor Fletcher who was left out of a process blindside by late information – again. And feels there’s back room deals going on. Those are bold words. Instead of shutting her down lets have her concerns addressed. Glad to hear there are some fors and againsts some heated debate and democracy at the Council table. Good on those who dare to speak out.

    1. Where Fletcher fails was listening to John Duguid who is working with other Planners on the Unitary Plan.

      As John said, a primary submitter was late with Primary Evidence. As a result Council Rebuttal Evidence was late and the Hearings were due to begin very soon at that time.

      If Fletcher had listened then all her questions would have been answered. Fault laid at a primary submitter and the primary submitter alone.

      Judge Kirkpatrick of the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel should strike down late Primary Evidence as it mucks the Panel, Council and other submitters around as seen last week.

      Thus I will stand by my assertion against Fletcher knowing what John said there and there at the Committee publicly.

      As for backroom deals in regards to the UP? She better have evidence given that I am a primary submitter across several big topics otherwise I take full offence to her claims.

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