Unitary Plan Hearings 79% Completed #UnitaryPlan

Rezoning exercise last big hearing left for the Panel


Last week the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel (the Panel) reported that the Hearings have made it through 79% of the scheduled material thus far.

From the Auckland Unitary Plan Hearings Panel:

How are the hearings progressing?

Hearings for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan continue to progress, with 79% of scheduled events now complete. Almost all the hearings on the regional and district parts of the plan are now complete and the prehearing process well underway for the site specific hearings in 2016.

The hearings early next year include zones and precincts, the Rural Urban Boundary and the mapping for special character and pre-1944.

If your submission is involved in the RUB and rezoning and precincts, check out the interim guidance released on how to best prepare for the hearing events.

Then keep your eyes open for ‘What’s New’ on our home page as news and events are announced.
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Source: http://www.aupihp.govt.nz/newsevents/default.asp


The last big exercise being the Rezoning exercise (Topic 081) in which we should get some updated directions through Council next month for submitter and Panel consideration.


Unitary Plan Submission in regards to Rezoning (Topic 081)


Below is the extract from my Unitary Plan submission covering the last of my three big topics – Rezoning:

Unitary Plan Maps – Changes


The Unitary Plan Map for residential zones is underwhelming. That is if we (Auckland) are to achieve the 60:40 Greenfield:Brownfield urban development ratio split set out in the Auckland Plan, as well as allowing a more liberalised planning model (that is a freer market and subsequently more flexibility and affordability in the housing market) then we need to “up zone” some of the residential areas in Auckland (especially the old Auckland City Council area) to restore that flexibility and realise the Auckland Plan goals. Remembering the Unitary Plan is an enabling document not a coercive hindering/limited document. This blends with H.1 and I.1 residential provisions of the Unitary Plan.

Unitary Map Changes will be categorised by legacy Council Areas or specific “sites” where changes are requested.


Unitary Plan Map Changes – Old Auckland City Council Isthmus Area

I am seeking renaming the residential zones on the Auckland Isthmus (including E-Map) for the old Auckland City Council Area in the following table:

Note – Changes affect (or not affect) the following:

  • Affects residential base zones only
  • For the High Density Residential Zones – these would apply as overlays over the relative Metropolitan Centre , City Centre, and City Centre Fringe Zones
  • Does not affect the following:
    • All non-residential zones including centres (except when applied as above)
    • Overlays and Precincts (except when applied as above)(includes any historic overlays)
  • In regards if a residential and commercial zone are placed together causing a mixed zone or a Centre “zone” has been placed: Basic rule of thumb is that the individual class (residential or commercial) follows their respective zone maximum. In most cases “like” residential class with “like” commercial class will have been matched up.
Renaming the Residential Zones on the Auckland Isthmus
New Unitary Plan Zone Replaces existing zone under Unitary Plan
Residential Classic Medium Density Zone Single House Zone
Residential Classic Medium Density Zone Mixed Housing Suburban Zone
Residential Classic Medium Density Zone Mixed Housing Urban Zone
Residential Standard Medium Density Zone Terrace Housing and Apartment Zone
Residential Intensive Medium Density Zone


City Centre Fringe Overlay and within 100 metres of a Metropolitan Centre


Unitary Plan Map Changes – Manukau and Manukau City Centre Area


Reference Map

Manukau SMC Zone MK2 Will be part of Topic 081 - rezoning
Manukau SMC Zone MK2
Will be part of Topic 081 – rezoning
Renaming the Residential and Business Zones in Manukau and Manukau City Centre
Relief Sort Map Reference Replaces existing Draft Unitary Plan Zone
Super Metropolitan Centre Zone A Metropolitan Centre
Mixed Use Zone


B General Business Zone (flanking Canvendish Drive between Lambie Drive and Great South Road, and Great South Road between Te Irirangi Drive and Gladding Place)
·         Residential Intensive Medium Density Zone,

·         Residential Standard Medium Density Zone

·         Residential Classic Medium Density Zone.

B Mixed Housing Suburban Zone
Residential Classic Medium Density Zone

and existing Neighbourhood Centre Zone

C Mixed Housing Zone Suburban
Mixed Use Zone D General Business Zone and Light Industry at northern end of Manukau


Note: All other zones within the four Manukau Map References including existing Mixed Use Zone on the previous map remain as is.



Will be interesting to see how the new maps look from Council when they come out next month.