Manukau Interchange – Final Design Complete Ready For Submission

Render complete, now to submit to Auckland Transport


I have completed the macro-level design rendering and some micro-level detailing on my alternative to the Auckland Transport Manukau Transport Interchange. You can read up on Auckland Transport’s Interchange here: Manukau Interchange; What is Proposed and What Could Be Done in Place #AKLPols

Below is two of the graphics from Auckland Transport on their proposed design:


Not happy with what Auckland Transport produced I set about my own set of designs that are both simple yet efficient in movement of buses and people. I also added extras such as a residential/commercial mixed use tower over the Interchange and an annex building containing support facilities for the Manukau Transport Interchange.

After mocking up some pencil designs (as below) I set about the rendering of the physical Interchange:


The final version of the rendering of the Manukau Transport Interchange:


Features of my new Interchange include:

  • Linear/Parallel Interchange with buses going in an anti-clockwise direction through the Interchange
  • Capacity for my design is up to 16 metro buses and four inter-city buses. There are also two extra bays at the eastern Putney Way entrance that can be used as overflow or short-term layover (main longer term layover would be offsite entirely)
  • Putney Way at the Interchange site would be a shared space between buses and pedestrians. No cars would be allowed
  • The park on the eastern side that Auckland Transport remains in my designs. Like Auckland Transport’s design the park can be built over for commercial and residential development later on
  • The kiss and ride bays, taxi stands, and loading bays would be located on Davis Avenue and Osterley Way. I will not have them and any car parking on the Putney Way section the Interchange sits on
  • An Annex building (max. 15 metres or around four storeys) would be located on the western side of the Interchange. This annex would house the waiting area for inter-city bus passengers, a ticket and information office, tea room and rest room for bus drivers and ticket office staff, and space for other Auckland Transport back office support (or even the inter city operators) might have. A cafe could even be located on the top floor?
  • The MBTI building remains in my design from the Auckland Transport design but is altered significantly to better utilise space and development potential. While the ground floor would contain the waiting area, information stands, auto-ticket machines, toilet blocks and kiosks the main difference comes in the eastern half of the MBTI (Manukau Bus Transport Interchange) building. Given this Interchange sits on prime Metropolitan Centre zoned land I have future proofed the eastern end of the MBTI to take a 10-18 storey commercial and/or residential tower above it. Got to maximise space especially in a place like Manukau City Centre
  • The main interchange with the “thoroughfare is wide for a reason. It allows the movement of a large amount of buses especially in the peak it also future proofs turning that part of the interchange into a two-way thoroughfare and installation of more bus stops on the southern side should we ever need it. This would increase capacity to around 24 buses.
  • Secure cycle parking located at the western end of the Interchange next to the main Annex building. Cycle rentals and self-service repair station to be added later on.



As I said earlier I have not done all the micro-detailing as that takes time. An annotated version (although not the most up to date as of this post) can be seen below:

Manukau Interchange BR Version MK 5 MBTI Final macro version 1.1 annotated
Manukau Interchange BR Version MK 5 MBTI Final macro version 1.1 annotated


Cycle Parking

For the interim period the Manukau Transport Interchange has a secure lock up for bicycles. The secure cycle lock up is based on the Sentry building from Duo-Gard Limited based in the USA and can be seen below:


Once the site opposite the Interchange is developed by Panuku Auckland a full cycle station that allows lock up, rental and self servicing repairs would be built. What I had in mind also comes from Duo-Gard given Manukau is deemed to be a Super Metropolitan Centre:


These cycle stations could be set up in the City Centre, the two Super Metropolitan Centres of Albany and Manukau City Centre, the other eight Metropolitan Centres and any other major transport interchange facility in Auckland.


I will have a PDF version of my Manukau Transport Interchange submission uploaded later in the day if you wish to use if for your own submission.


Have your say

Public consultation on the design of the Manukau bus station is open from Monday, 2 November 2015 to Friday, 20 November 2015.

We’d like know what facilities you like or want changed or added.

Give your feedback online

If you are visually impaired or have difficulty completing the online feedback form, call us on (09) 366 6400 and our call centre staff can complete the form on your behalf.



2 thoughts on “Manukau Interchange – Final Design Complete Ready For Submission

  1. This! I’m surprised the original AT design didn’t allow for a residential/commercial tower of sorts. You only have to look M Central and see that people want apartments. Making better use of public land to deliver a great service through the interchange but as well housing people is a complete no brainer. The tower (if for residential) would have to be made pretty soundproof unless the new generation of buses coming through are far quieter than some of the dinosaurs we still have on the roads. Great job on this Ben, AT has screwed around for too long and still couldn’t their design right. Manukau can be a world class destination and if they undertake great ideas like yours we will be well on our way to achieve that.

    1. Thanks Damien.

      The tower would be insulated under the Auckland Design Manual Guidelines that require sound proofing amongst other things.

      Cycle parking was only given lip service from Auckland Transport so I fixed that up in my new designs.

      Given I have a cycle rental booth at the interchange I am pondering on having public user pay showers in the annex building. Will see how that goes.

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