Auckland 2040 and City Vision Need to Get a Grip on the #UnitaryPlan Rezoning

Rezoning is done at the request from the Independent Hearings Panel and Submitters


Well it was going to be a given that the NIMBY lobby and political groups would start teeth gnashing once the Unitary Plan maps came back out yesterday with the rezoning requests from Auckland Council (see: Those #UnitaryPlan Maps. What is Happening – UPDATED)

Both City Vision (the main left-wing political group for local Auckland politics) and Auckland are all up in arms over rezoning on the Isthmus and North Shore (the South and the West are fine with what has been recommended).


This is from a City Vision aligned Local Board Chair on the Isthmus yesterday in regards to the rezoning:

Does he understand how the process works?
Does he understand how the process works?

That is code for: “we don’t understand the Unitary Plan process set out in the Local Government Act and oh we like intensification providing it isn’t in our Local Board area”

There is or was no deal either as the Unitary Plan processes are not complete at all. So where this deal as Haynes states comes from I and most likely the City would love to know.


Auckland 2040 being just as predictable as usual:

Auckland Council accused of hijacking Unitary Plan

Updated at 9:46 am today

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Burton knows very well the initial modelling capacity would not allow the Auckland Plan targets of 60-70% of new residential development to occur in the existing urban area (Brownfield) as I picked up on here: Unitary Plan Falls Very Short of Enabling Those 400,000 Homes Needed by 2041.

So at the instructions of the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel the Council redid the capacity modelling which would have meant rezoning and landed itself here: Council Reruns Development Capacity Model. Finds more areas viable for Housing. However, the Panel still was not convinced and has asked for peer reviews and reworkings to make sure everything is robust as noted here: #UnitaryPlan: Oh Council Wont Like This With the Development Capacity Model Being “Pinged”. That peer review report can be read here: That Peer Reviewed Report for the Auckland Council (Unitary Plan) Development Capacity Model #AKLPols.


Long story short the Residential Zone provisions and the Residential zone spatial applications to meet the Auckland Plan targets have been thrashed quite literally to hell and back and the rezoning itself will be thrashed over again next year in the Topic 080 and 081 topics. Meaning by the time the Panel gives its recommendations to Council mid next year the Residential situation would have been through a very robust process. 


Just a note on Burton’s comment in the Radio NZ excerpt above it is defeated straight away through the requests of the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel and subsequently linked by me above. Simply put the Council HAD to undertake the rezoning at both the request of the Panel and from submitters like myself who called for rezoning.

As for out-of-scope that is explained below:

Changes to zoning

Some changes to zoning have been made where no submissions from the public have been received.

These ‘out of scope’ changes are proposed based on the Independent Panel’s guidance and best practice planning to ensure the overall objectives of the PAUP are met and to avoid ‘spot zoning’, where submissions can lead to inconsistent zone changes within some areas resulting in haphazard development across Auckland.

The release of the preliminary zoning maps does not allow the council to open up the opportunity for a further round of submissions. The submission process is set out in special legislation established by the government for the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan and submissions to that closed in February 2014.

But the Independent Hearings Panel has the statutory power to consider ‘out of scope’ changes in its recommendations to the council on the PAUP in July 2016. Final decisions on zoning, and other planning matters, will not be made by the council until at least August 2016.

The council will submit its evidence on zoning to the Independent Hearings Panel on 26 January 2016, with hearings being held from March to April 2016.

You can find council preliminary zoning maps here and if you have any questions relating to these maps, please


Source: Those #UnitaryPlan Maps. What is Happening – UPDATED


So City Vision and Richard Burton need to get a grip as we are faced with two choices:

  1. Continue the status quo and lock people out of housing
  2. Allow the City to evolve and adapt (given Statistics NZ have said Auckland has grown 14% compared to 7% for the Rest of NZ since 2006) to that people can be in a home hopefully close to employment centres and/or amenities they might want

Because “dumping” people in the South and West to “preserve” the Isthmus and North Shore is NOT how we work as a City.


As for this apparent outrage over lack of community say? That was given when the Unitary Plan was open for submissions in a five month period over 2013-2014. That was the time when you could have your formal say for or against the Unitary Plan provisions and be involved through the full processes now. If you did not and find you don’t like something now then oooops not my particular problem as the Local Government Act was made very clear and again as I have put in the quote text above.


The rezoning hearings are next year between Council, the Panel and the submitters. From there the Panel makes its final recommendations to which Council with either adopt or reject prior to August 2016. After that the Unitary Plan goes live subject to appeals.


Unitec and surround area Source: Google Maps
Unitec and surround area
Source: Google Maps



2 thoughts on “Auckland 2040 and City Vision Need to Get a Grip on the #UnitaryPlan Rezoning

  1. Re-reading this post after the holiday break what stands out is that this is a defence of the system and assumptions pUT in place against the advice of the royal commission and the wishes of many Aucklanders.

    Like most other committed Aucklanders I know, I long ago gave up feeling that I could have any meaningful input into this draconian process.

    So it is good to see the likes of Richard Burton and Ben Ross still dealing with the form and substance of the PAUP.

    However the type casting of those who don’t think the PAUP has zone densities right as nimbys is a slur that doesn’t reflect a true effort to listen to and understand that concerns expressed by many citizens.

    I agree with most of the quoted statement from Peter Haynes.

    It would be good if Ben Ross were to include a broader understanding of the concerns expressed in his analysis

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