The Auckland Donut: A Presentation to the Council Planning Committee

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Yesterday I had presented to the Auckland Council Planning Committee on the Auckland boom placing pressure on Southern Auckland.

You can listen in on the presentation and questions below:

The Powerpoint presentation can be read here:




The presentation was well received (and earned a few chuckles over in The Tower when I mentioned donuts) and would play a part in a substantive item that covered the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy.


In brief from Council on that Future Urban Land Supply Strategy debate:

Items 9 and 10: Auckland Plan refresh

These items require further preparatory work and will be considered at the next meeting of the Planning Committee on the 28 March 2017. 

Item 11: Future Urban Land Supply Strategy Refresh  

The committee approved making proposed changes to the existing Future Urban Land Supply Strategy for public consultation.

Changes are proposed to the sequencing of greenfield land in areas zoned future urban for development over the next 30 years.

This follows Unitary Plan decisions in August 2016 that increased the size of somefuture urban zones and included some rural settlement areas for future urban development.  Overall 15,000 hectares is now available for future urban development up from 11,000 in 2015.

Some areas are proposed to move forward and others put back because of infrastructure constraints. The total cost of providing bulk infrastructure to support future urban development is estimated at $19.7 billion over 30 years meaning not all areas can be funded at once.

Future urban areas in the proposed strategy recommended to be brought forward in sequencing for future urban development are Warkworth North, Wainui East, Silverdale (business), Red Hills, Puhinui (business), Wesley (Paerata), Opaheke Drury, Drury South.

Areas recommended to be put back in terms of sequencing are Kumeu Huapai Riverhead, Whenuapai Stage 2, Drury West Stage 2, Puhinui (business), Red Hills North, Warkworth North East and Takanini.

Councillors Chris Darby, Daniel Newman, Dick Quax, Wayne Walker and Linda Cooper and Liane Ngamane from the Independent Māori Statutory Board have been appointed to a deliberations panel to consider the pubic engagement and feedback and make recommendations back to the Planning committee.

More information is available in the committee agenda. Public consultation will take place from 29 March 2017 to 18 April 2017.



I took notes on the debate as well and will post in length on the debate, and my (initial) disappointment at the Auckland Plan refresh being shunted back until the next Committee in a later post.

None-the-less the Planning Committee took on board the need to better establish major employment centres on the fringes where the bulk of the residential development is going (Auckland: The Donut City). The question is how do we do this and this is where the Auckland Plan refresh would kick in.


The Auckland Development Donut


No matter (on the delay). The delay does give further time to complete thorough preparation along Urban Geography lines on what the path the Auckland Plan refresh could or should take. Given the nature of the material on growth pressures in the South, spatial variations in Auckland’s development, and the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy being altered extra preparation would be beneficial to assist the Auckland Plan and the Councillors making the decision.


It will be a case of wait and see until the next Planning Committee at the end of the month.