Council to Vote on Annual Plan (Council Budget) Thursday

2.5% Rates Rise secure

ATEED Tax – no so much


Tomorrow the Finance and Performance Committee will convene in Town Hall to vote through the Annual Plan 2017/2018 ready for the Governing Body to ratify it later that afternoon. The Annual Plan is Auckland Council’s version of Budget much like Government having to produce one each year as well. However, the Annual Plan will need to follow the guidelines set out in the current 2015-2025 Long Term Plan which is not due for its next update until 2018.


In any case here are the two agenda items covering what is up for votes in the Annual Plan debate tomorrow. Despite the large size of both documents they are easy to navigate with key information like feedback breakdown from submitters at the beginning. The Mayoral Proposal is in the Addendum Agenda and I will touch on this as I found something that concerns the City Centre and Southern Auckland together.


Live Stream will be going as well when the Committee is in session.


The Finance and Performance Committee Agenda


June Finance and performance


The Addendum Agenda covering the Mayoral Budget Proposal


June Finance and performance supp


Further commentary on Friday