Bringing Silverware home brings new challenges


Well old challenges but none-the-less what better time to start than now.


Team New Zealand finally extracted its payback and is bringing home the America’s Cup. Congratulations team and see you at the parade.


No doubt the defence will be held in Auckland within the next four years. The City Rail Link will not be complete until 2023 however, one other major piece of construction we can get done by the time the first defence is held of the Auld Mug. I am referring to the Airport Lines but more specifically the Southern Airport Line.


The Northern Airport Line (Airport to City Centre via most likely Dominion Road) I doubt we can get completed inside four years given resource consenting and construction issues. BUT we can get the Southern Airport Line (Airport to Manukau City Centre via Puhinui Station) built within two years including the new Interchange at Puhinui Station. This at least allows people to take bus/train or train/train combo from the airport to the City Centre (with a transfer) without getting stuck on State Highways 1 and 20.


AT’s proposals for the Botany Line to the Airport
Source: Auckland Transport


More on this later today but I think someone needs to pull finger in Wellington and at least get the Southern Airport Line underway this summer unless you want this on the front page of tourism brochures:

The second truck can be seen on its side, and people can be seen out of their cars wheeling suitcases towards Auckland Airport. Photo: RNZ / Jeremy Brick



Looking at you Steven Joyce!