Latest Auckland Plan Implementation Update (2016). Hit and Miss on Targets. UPDATED

Last update before refresh


While I continue my research assignment (On Assignment – Researching NZ Housing and Critiques to our Planning System) I went looking through the Auckland Plan Implementation Update for 2016. With the refresh to the Auckland Plan under-way there is no comprehensive report but none-the-less we do have some summary cards.


Below are the summaries of where things are going with the Auckland Plan, the explanation report is also now available that goes in-depth to what the summary cards summarise. So if interested in how Auckland is progressing have a read below:


Development Strategy Summary 2015-16

Development Strategy Summary 2015-16

This is an important one as it is the Development Strategy being refreshed under the Auckland Plan Refresh

Outcome 1 a Fair Safe and Healthy Auckland Summary 2015-16

Outcome 1 A fair safe and healthy Auckland Summary 2015-16


Outcome 2 a Green Auckland Summary 2015-16

Outcome 2 A green Auckland Summary 2015-16


Outcome 3 an Auckland of Prosperity and Opportunity Summary 2015-16

Outcome 3 An Auckland of prosperity and opportunity Summary 2015-16


Outcome 4 a Well Connected and Accessible Auckland Summary 2015-16

Outcome 4 A well connected and accessible Auckland Summary 2015-16


Outcome 5 a Beautiful Auckland That is Loved by Its People Summary 2015-2016

Outcome 5 A beautiful Auckland that is loved by its people Summary 2015-16


Outcome 6 a Culturally Rich and Creative Auckland Summary 2015-16

Outcome 6 A culturally rich and creative Auckland Summary 2015-16


Outcome 7 a Maori Identity That is Auckland’s Point of Difference Summary 2015-2016

Outcome 7 A Maori identity that is Auckland’s point of difference Summary 2015-16


Auckland Plan Targets Monitoring Report 2016



The SIB would fund infrastructure like parks, water and bus-ways.