A Taste of Future Auckland (with Transit)

The Government is not even a week old yet it certainly feels that has done more that the previous administration ever did in it’s nine years.

Mayor Phil Goff is off to Wellington to strike a New Deal in terms of the Auckland Transport Alignment Project, and with housing – something Transport, Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford is also keen on.

In the mean time a taste of what is to come as committed to by the Government (or part committed to):

Moving Auckland stage 1. Credit AKL Urban Design via Twitter


  1. Stations are not final
  2. Some stations like Airport Oaks are missing while the two Airport terminals will be merged
  3. North Shore Lines not shown and is a continuation of the North Western LRT and Northern Airport Line
  4. Only Airport to Manukau is committed for the SE Line however, talks underway to extend line to Howick within a decade

Exciting times ahead.
The full Congestion Free Network MK2: