Presentation to Planning Committee on Southern Airport Line a Go!

13th February Presentation date


Planning Committee Chair Councillor Chris Darby has given approval for me to give a brief presentation to the Committee on the Southern Airport Line. The Planning Committee meets on Tuesday the 13th of February at Town Hall from 9:30am. The Committee is live streamed (link will be provided on the day).


The Southern Airport Line material that I will use for the presentation (in truncated form) can be read here: The Southern Airport Line and Transit Orientated Developments. Rethinking Transit and Developments in Auckland


A fundamental question I will have to answer is this: Do we want our infrastructure running ahead, or constantly in deficit mode where we are always behind and catching up. My answer is and always has been “running ahead” given our growth both in population and transit patronage (and our tendency to under cook those numbers in estimate mode)?

If I can answer that to the Committee then a solid case should be able to be presented on bring the Southern Airport Line forward.


A challenge one might say 🙂


More information to be provided on the day of the Committee!