#AucklandPlan2050 – Had My Say: In General Support But Plan Lacks Targets

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After a month the Auckland Council Have Your Say on the Long Term Plan, and the Auckland Plan 2050 will draw to a close (on March 28). If you have not yet had your say you can do so here: Have your say on Auckland’s future.


I have filed my feedback to the Long Term Plan 2018-2028 on the basic following:

  1. Yes to the Petrol Tax but also support for Value Capture Taxes
  2. No to both Environmental levies as they should be included in the General Rates and allocated out that way via the Long Term Plan and yearly Annual Plans
  3. All Rates Rises should be 3.5% through this iteration of the Long Term Plan
  4. Support for the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board top five projects especially the Southern Airport Line
  5. Partial Support for the Papakura Local Board top five projects given they have talked about it for years and nothing has happened


Auckland Plan 2050 was a little more substantive especially around the Development Strategy.

You can read the feedback below:


Auckland Plan 2050 Feedback


The basic premise was general support for the Development Strategy apart from:

  1. Lack of clear targets and Key Performance Indicators as seen in the Auckland Plan 2012
  2. No mention of the 60:40 Brownfield/Greenfield development ratios
  3. Housing yield down-scaled from 422,000 under the Unitary Plan to 340,000 in the Auckland Plan 2050
  4. Differences in the timeline of the Strategic Transit Network


Public transport RTN Proposal AP2050
Source: Auckland Plan


Comments were also made about the Nodes and being in general support of the nodes.


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Access to jobs by transit
Auckland Plan 2050
Source Auckland Council


Looking forward to what comes out in the final iteration of the Auckland Plan.