Imminent Funding Announcement for City Centre to Mangere Light Rail?

Progress after silence for so long?

After I posted on the total lack of communication from any one (particularly NZTA) on updates for City Centre to Mangere Light Rail it seems we might have an announcement due around the project.

I was informed about this article yesterday:

The article which is behind a paywall is this one: NZ rail funding advice ‘imminent’


New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport and Treasury will provide advice this month on alternative funding models for the Auckland Light Rail Project.

NZ rail funding advice ‘imminent’

So the glacial speed on which our transport moves continues onwards with a funding advice announcement “imminent.”

Meanwhile New South Wales and Victoria are both moving at speed with their light and heavy rail projects including North West Metro – a driverless fully automated rail line in Sydney.

If Frustration was a word thought of with ours that would be an understatement.

City Centre to Mangere Light Rail. Source: Auckland Transport