Auckland goes Sepia from the Australian Fires – A Photo Collection

Welcome to Climatic change induced conditions

I was over in Central Auckland when at 2pm the sky went very yellow and dark. The smoke from the Australian fires had finally reached Auckland after blanketing the rest of the nation over New Years.

As of 5:10pm it looks like 5pm IN WINTER all gloomy windy and cold (the Temperatures went from 26C to 14C and still falling with the Air conditioning going from cooling to HEAT mode in the middle of Summer).

There is a South Westerly Front coming up from the South but it wont be in the City until early tomorrow so for now here is what it looks like from Papakura in Southern Auckland:

Please note:

  • This was using my wife’s SLR digital camera set to manual (Cloudy day) to stop the camera over compensating trying to correct the shot by adding more white (some shots you can see this)
  • To the media and bloggers: you are free to use these but please attribute the following: Photos by Ben Ross, Urban Geographer – South Auckland, New Zealand 2020.