The Senate has Registered For Cities in a Snap #CitiesSkylines

It is highly frowned upon by the Planning and Engineering Institutes in New Zealand yet is Standard Operating Practice in the Northern Hemisphere whether it be used as a educational tool in High Schools and Universities or as a communication tool by Public Authorities.

Yet despite it being frowned up in New Zealand this fellow Spatial Planner and Urban Geographer has registered himself for the Cities Skylines Cities in a Snap!

What is Cities in a Snap? CIAS is where Cities Skylines players from all round the world come together to compete in who can build the best functional city in two hours – no more – no less.

Winners go through to the finals series where you can become Grand Champion.

There have been outstanding creations so far and all functional in the Cities In a Snap competitions. As I said I have registered myself down into hopefully the March qualifying rounds.

More once the details and contestants are confirmed!
What is frowned upon in NZ is a part of a major community overseas.

Ben's Cities

Can I build a City in two hours

So I got roped in by fellow Cities Skylines player Cazgem to do Cities in Snap. What is Cities in a Snap? I have two hours to build a City. More in my latest video here:

I have registered for the March rotation of Cities in a Snap so I will let you know if I am in that rotation and the times it will stream (usually 9am NZT GMT +13).

You can keep an eye on the current rotation of Cities in a Snap here:

My channel along with stream times can be seen here:

Last night’s low key stream can be seen here:

Valhalla City at night

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