Local Advocacy for #ourmanukau works – with some patience added in

Formalisation of cycle lanes, new pedestrian crossing and bus lanes on the way

Local Advocacy to get small “quick win” projects in to improve an area does work, with a sprinkling of patience along the way. But the good news is getting around Manukau by bus, foot or cycling became that little bit easier thanks to local advocacy, the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board, and Auckland Transport.

Bus Lanes

Unless I hear otherwise the bus lane on the left of the two right turn lanes from Wiri Station Road into Manukau Station Road will be built in April this year.

The Wiri Station Road Bus Lane. Source: Auckland Transport

This bus lane came about after car drivers were getting pinged using the right hand turn and ending up in a bus lane on Manukau Station Road. Even if the car merged over to the other general lane it created congestion at the merge so the effective solution was to make that right hand turn a permanent bus lane. A simple but elegant solution that is a win for all.

Lambie Drive Cycle Lane

The section in yellow is a cycle lane, the section in blue is not

This one has taken a while but finally the entire length of Lambie Drive between Ronwood Avenue and Manukau Station Road will become a cycle lane. Currently only half the length of the road (in yellow) is a cycle lane the rest is not. This means Park and Ride (for Manukau Station) user park along this stretch making it a hazard for cyclists and general road users.

With a bit of advocacy and some patience the Local Board has not objected to Auckland Transport making the blue section a cycle way (meaning no more parking). Further more, more cycling facilities will be added further south at the big Wiri Station Road/Druces Road/ Lambie Drive intersection allowing a full cycle way along the entire length of Lambie Drive. This allows a cycling connection from Papatoetoe to the residential area in Wiri with access points to Manukau City Centre itself.

Bonus pedestrian crossing

Apparently Manukau Station Road is getting a pedestrian crossing pre Airport to Botany Stage 1 works.

I caught this from the Otara Papatoetoe Local Board February meeting:

Auckland Transport update for OPLB Feb. 20

It seems after concerns a “bonus” pedestrian crossing will be built between the current MIT Manukau site and the new one across the road. It makes sense although on this side of the Airport to Botany Rapid Transit works which come through the area (and Stage 1 goes operational in 2021) I am wondering is a crossing needing to be done now or in tandem with A2B Stage 1.

No matter I’ll take a bonus pedestrian crossing in the area.

MIT Tech Park. Source: MIT

Local Advocacy for quick win projects do work – if you are willing to have a bit of patience. None-the-less two projects and a bonus project going in will certainly help #ourmanukau be that little more humane if you; use the bus, walk or cycle!