Lambie Drive Bus Lanes now (formally) enforced by Auckland Transport, permanent cameras on priority list for installation

Stay out of that bus lane for the Airport Link and 36 buses

As Airport to Botany Rapid Transit Stage 1 draws closer to full operation (with the opening of Puhinui Station, and the Puhinui Road bus lanes in June) it is a timely reminder to stay out of the bus and transit lanes along the Airport Link route. So far compliance is about 99% but we still have those thinking the bus lane is a shortcut lane for them and no one else on Lambie Drive.

Consequently Auckland Transport have informed as of yesterday formal enforcement of the Lambie Drive bus lane started yesterday with fines of $150 being issued to offenders. Furthermore permanent CCTV cameras like seen on Manukau Station Road are on the priority list for installing, the date is to be confirmed.

Basically STAY OUT OF THE BUS LANE unless you need to enter or exit a property on Lambie Drive. If you do the 50 metre rule (you can enter a bus lane 50 metres before turning into a property) applies.

The times of the Manukau Station Road bus lane

3 thoughts on “Lambie Drive Bus Lanes now (formally) enforced by Auckland Transport, permanent cameras on priority list for installation

  1. Hiya Ben Just a small observation regarding Bus Lanes … you are not supposed to enter a Bus Lane until you are 50 meters (?) from the next intersection/end of Bus Lane … so why don’t AT paint a ‘Blue Line’ at the 50m mark so that everyone knows that you can’t enter it till then. It would cut out the guesswork & make it easily identifiable to everyone. Your thoughts/comments appreciated. Cheers


    1. This is from the AT website
      Incorrect use of the lane includes:

      Entering the bus lane at a distance greater than 50 metres before turning.

      So we can assume it also applied to driveways otherwise you are making a sharp turn across two lanes.

      Also with Lambie Drive, the bus lane goes to a general lane well before 50 metres before an intersection unlike Manukau Station Road (which has dashed lines to mark 50 metres before the intersection)

    2. AT don’t paint a blue line because it wouldn’t be legal to do so. What AT do is paint a dashed lane line instead of a continuous lane line

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