UPDATES on #ourmanukau Innovative Street Pilot – Staged Rollouts- EXTENDED FEEDBACK TIME

Trials go live, staged rollout, extra stuff happening on the side to revitalise Manukau City Centre

The Manukau Innovative Street Pilot is now underway after the weather decided to be its usual self. There are updates to the Trial that I will post below. The updates are minor and do not affective the outcomes negatively – if anything they give a more positive outcome to the trial especially as it might tie into wider schemes in the area such as the Barrowcliffe Place cycle way program.

From Panuku:

Manukau Streets for People – tell us what you think

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Designing streets for and with the people who live, work and play in Manukau.

In June 2021, some exciting, temporary upgrades are coming to Osterley Way and Amersham Way in Manukau Central.

This trial is about helping to make Manukau more attractive and accessible for all people – including children, youth and older people – no matter how they travel.

These upgrades will help to make the streets safer for people, while celebrating the culture and community of Manukau and weaving local stories and art into the places around us. This is an opportunity to try something new in this part of Manukau and learn together, as a community.

The trials are part of the ‘Manukau Streets for People’ project – led by Panuku Development Auckland and Auckland Transport, and funded by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. The project plan and concepts were developed in partnership with local community members and community groups, who helped to identify the priorities and aspirations of the local community.

Now, we’re installing these temporary changes, and we want to know what you think about them. Use the form below to tell us what’s working, what isn’t and any ideas you have for improvements.

We’ll be listening to your feedback throughout the trial, up until 31 July 2021.

What’s happening?

As part of the project, you’ll be seeing upgrades in Osterley Way and Amersham Way from early June 2021 (the start date was delayed by weather). This will include some changes to the road layout.

These changes are about:


  • Improving the safety, security and accessibility for people of all ages and ability who are walking and cycling
  • A shared space in Osterley Way with a one-way layout and more space for walking and cycling
  • A bus-only section on Osterley Way (from Manukau Station Rd to Putney Way)

Keeping us moving

  • Encouraging walking and cycling – forms of transport which are healthier for people and the environment
  • A digital app showcases mana whenua stories and makes cycling and walking fun, especially between the main transport hubs, and universities

Connecting our community

  • Building on the recent street upgrades in Putney Way and Barrowcliffe Place
  • Installing street furniture, designed and made by locals, allowing people to rest and socialise

Celebrating our people and culture

  • Celebrating Manukau’s unique people and culture through telling local stories
  • Road art by mana whenua artist Amiria Puia-Taylor (The People Weaver) and local mural artist Uelese Vavelae (The 312 Hub)
  • Sculptures which celebrate maramataka, the Māori lunar calendar.
Temporary road layout changes

Stage 1: Temporary changes to Osterley Way / Manukau Square

The section of the Osterley Way will be converted to a shared space, allowing for one-way southbound (towards Putney Way) vehicles.

This will allow more space for people and events. This shared space will also include street art designed by a mana whenua artist, street furniture and sculptures which celebrate maramataka, the Māori lunar calendar.

Stage 2 Osterley Way – Manukau Station Road to Putney Way – bus only

This section of Osterley Way is restricted to bus only. Buses will be allowed one-way from Putney Way to the bus interchange entrance. Buses can also travel one-way from Manukau Station Road to the bus interchange entrance. Osterley Way will be two-way between Putney Way and the Civic Building entrance to allow service vehicles to reach the Civic Building.

The one-way section of street will allow a wider and safer space for people. This stage is due to be installed in July 2021.

Trial approach

We are taking a ‘trial’ approach which means we will test and tweak ideas to see how well they work. The trial starts in June 2021 and feedback will be open until 31 July 2021. The project will be installed in stages, starting with work on the footpath in Osterley Way, north of Putney Way.

Throughout the trial, we’ll listen to feedback from the local community and make adjustments based on what they tell us. We will also be surveying people and monitoring things like traffic flow and numbers of people walking as part of the trial.

The long-term future of these projects will be assessed from August. If the Manukau community is happy with these changes, we’ll keep them.

Installation process

  1. Test layout: Temporary, affordable items will be installed to test the layout.
  2. Interim installation: Once the layout is installed, semi-permanent items will be installed. These could be in place on a short-term basis or for up to two years.
  3. Permanent installation: If the local community is happy with these changes, we’ll install a long-term solution (e.g. permanent street art and seating on Osterley Way).

Co-design process

The concepts were informed by a series of co-design sessions with a local advisory group through sustained engagement in late 2020 and early 2021. The group includes representatives from Mana Whenua, Business Manukau, local organisations such as The Roots, Mau Studios, MIT, AUT, Cause Collective and local Auckland Council entities (Manukau Library, the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board etc).

To advance the project, representatives from the co-design advisory group have been working with Panuku on a number of workstreams including activations, making installations, digital, street art and communications. This has ensured that local community members were involved at all levels of the project. There has also been further engagement with youth and other community groups through different project workstreams.

The next step is to see how these ideas work in practice – and listen to the people who use these places to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

We want to know what you think about the trial – so please tell us below! Feedback will open until until 31 July 2021.

A decision about the next steps for these streets will be made in July, following feedback from the local community.

Source: Panuku Development Auckland

Feedback is open now until JULY 31 so please submit at the Manukau Streets for People page linked above.

Tying into Barrowcliffe Place cycleway

One wish I have for the Osterley Way improvements is that they can go semi permanent after the trial. The reason for it is two fold:

  1. Manukau Station Road Bus Lanes being extended
  2. Barrowcliffe Place cycleway

At the moment the Barrowcliffe Cycleway is being built and due to go online very soon. Once complete the cycleway along with Osterley Way will form a North-South Axis between the residential area and the main commercial/civic areas of wider Manukau. Rather than needing to take a car local residents will be able to walk or cycle along a core axis giving maximum reach to most facilities/amenities in Manukau City Centre.

Source: Auckland Transport

The Healthy Streets Program (Tactical Urbanism Reaches South Auckland!) is also continuing with its work for the Manukau/Wiri area and will build on lessons learnt from the Innovative Streets trial here.

Remember to get your feedback into Panuku by July 31 please. Also please share with your networks.