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Reblogs Not Working



Due to Slightly Left of Centre now being a private blog any reblogs I have done from that site will no longer show up here in Talking Auckland.

Out of my control folks sorry


Podcast Issues



After feedback in relation to people unable to listen to the Podcasts as the audio files were the .OGG type, I have decided the following:

  1. All previous podcasts will remain in their .OGG audio file classes.
  2. All podcasts as of last night and into the future will be done in MP3 audio format


I apologise for those who are unable to access the older Podcasts that have the .OGG audio classes. That said I noticed those who were unable to run that audio type either were on Corporate Networks most likely still on Windows XP and/or their IT departments dont allow a decent media player to run .OGG’s for which Radio NZ uses for their audio files as well, or using Apple products.

I suppose with the corporate situation it shows again that New Zealand businesses AND the Public Sector are behind the 8-ball again for the most part. As with Apple products? Never had the time for it.


So again apologies readers. All future podcasts will be in the MP3 format for more universal accessibility.


Podcast Technical Issues

Will reconvert later today


Myself and Radio NZ's Todd Nial hard at work reporting on the Budget Committee Photo Reference: Councillor Cathy Casey
Myself and Radio NZ’s Todd Nial hard at work reporting on the Budget Committee
Photo Reference: Councillor Cathy Casey

I have received feedback that people are having difficulties accessing the podcasts owing to the .OGG format I use. Those using Apple (argh), older corporate based networks (don’t ask for my opinions on businesses and public sectors being inefficient) or older mobile devices are having access difficulties resulting in the podcast not playing.


What I will do is reconvert the podcasts back to MP3 format and reupload them to their respective blog posts.

I should have this all done by the end of tomorrow.


Talking Auckland apologises for earlier inconveniences