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Photo of the Day – and ADC Agenda is now up

Busy Busy


Photo of the day from last Thursday while at the Auckland Council Budget Committee as the Committee passed through the 2014/2015 Annual Plan

Myself and Radio NZ's Todd Nial hard at work reporting on the Budget Committee Photo Reference: Councillor Cathy Casey
Myself and Radio NZ’s Todd Nial hard at work reporting on the Budget Committee
Photo Reference: Councillor Cathy Casey

Photo Credit: Councillor Cathy Casey


At least it wasn’t the one where we were yawning after the very long helicopter debate (no disrespect to the Helicopter Trust). To the right of Todd and myself was Bob Dey who produces the Property Report.


My own commentary to the Budget Committee debate can be seen here: Annual Plan Passes, Bitter Debate on Southern Initiative Occurs


All three of us plus New Zealand Herald’s Bernard Orsman will be back on Thursday to report in on the Auckland Development Committee. That particular Committee will be discussing the issues of Queens Wharf, and Queen Elizabeth Square which have both recently popped up in the NZ Herald.


Auckland Development Committee – May Agenda (note an Addendum Agenda is to follow)


Auckland Development Committee – February 2014

Agenda for February 2014


The agenda and attachments for the February Auckland Development Committee is now up for your reading pleasure. Taking a glance through it I see the Committee this month is dealing with the nitty-gritty business of Plan Changes across the City – including setting a scoping task for industrial land to be zoned west of State Highway 20 at Wiri (currently market gardens).

You can read the agenda (207 pages + attachments) below with the further attachments here: http://infocouncil.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/Open/2014/02/AUC_20140213_ATT_4737_EXCLUDED_WEB.HTM



At the same time the Committee will be ratifying the November Minutes which means the Manukau site visit becomes official “policy” of the Council. Meaning now we try to get a date set soon for the visit.

Those who have read my Civics series would know that the Auckland Development Committee is where I am usually found. Looking at the agenda the material does look incredibly boring I’ll give you that. But this kind of work with Plan Changes and scoping exercises is often the bread and butter stuff this Committee will be dealing with from time to time. Do they changes affect you? Yes they do as it could allow the development of an industrial site (jobs), residential centre, or even parks and conservation spaces.


Live commentary and Tweeting will be running from the Committee. And will Councillors answer their emails please……