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Council to Publish CBD and Waterfront Progress Reports

To be published in August


I suppose this “The Southern Initiative Back in the Media – Again” and the lack of progress reports amongst other things of recent from Council might have spurred on what is in the presser below.


From Auckland Council

Auckland Council to publish overview of city centre and waterfront developments

Auckland Council today confirmed that it will publish an overview of key city centre and waterfront developments, to give the public and decision-makers a clear picture of the programme of work under-way to transform Auckland’s CBD.

Councillors received an update today on planning and project implementation for the city centre and waterfront.

Deputy Mayor and Development Committee Chair Penny Hulse said: “As part of delivery of the Auckland Plan, there is significant work under-way to transform Auckland’s city centre and waterfront. This includes work to improve our public spaces, enhance pedestrian access and transform the retail experience.

“Auckland Council is guiding the overall work programme through the Auckland Development Committee. Over the past six months in particular, we have worked closely with the agencies to bring together a clear overview and guide progress as we move into the delivery phase.

“As we move through this work we will be seeking input from Aucklanders on any key decisions or developments.”

Penny Hulse also confirmed that the future vision for Queens Wharf will include public consultation. “The Wharf is jointly owned by the Government and Waterfront Auckland and will remain in public ownership.”

The overview of projects will be published in August.


Something I have called on before with projects especially around large scale like The Southern Initiative.


Now to get the next phase going with other “City Building Plans and Developments” – once they have been drawn up firs 😉


June Auckland Development Committee Agenda is up [UPDATED]

Talking Housing and Parking


The Auckland Development Committee for June 12 is up and should prove to be a cracker of a meeting. The Committee is looking at discussing (or reviewing) the following:

  • Progress with the Housing Accord
  • Hobsonville Point 20ha Block: Future Residential Use
  • Auckland Transport’s Draft Parking Discussion Document
  • Submission to the Ministry for the Environment on the “Setting a direct referral threshold and related matters” discussion document
  • And behind closed doors: Takapuna Beachfront Precinct


No doubt the parking issue will be a lively debate. I can already take a good guess on which way the debate will fall and which of our more “vocal” Councillors will be at the “forefront” of any discussion around parking.


The Auckland Development Committee – June 2014 Agenda


The Auckland Development Committee – June 2014 Addendum Agenda


The Auckland Transport Draft Parking Discussion Document can be seen below


As always I will be at the Auckland Development Committee on Thursday with my usual blogging and Live Tweeting service.

Also my submission to the Draft Parking Discussion Document is currently under way.


‘Direction’ set on redeveloping downtown Auckland

Report back and decision set for August


This morning I was at the Auckland Development Committee listening in on the debate around what to do with Queen Elizabeth Square in downtown Auckland. The debate was pretty good although some not necessary outbursts did mar the overall quality of the debate. I take my hat off to Councillor Cameron Brewer who articulated the main points around the Square debate very well today – as did Councillor Fletcher. Hopefully Councillor Brewer will get one of his fabled releases out as it will be a good one to see (for once).

Full commentary will be up tomorrow but in the meantime from Auckland Council:

First steps taken to redevelop downtown Auckland


Auckland Council has agreed in principle to negotiate the sale of Queen Elizabeth Square to Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd in return for proceeds being used to provide quality downtown public spaces.


The square and the Downtown Shopping Centre sit above the route of the twin rail tunnels that will form part of the city rail link.

Precinct Properties proposes major redevelopment of its shopping centre and surrounding properties which it owns.

Proceeds from the commercial sale of the 2000m2 public square could be used to develop an alternative public area, such as Admiralty Steps on the Quay street waterfront.

A plan by Precinct Properties for the comprehensive redevelopment of its property holdings in the area has also opened an opportunity to reintroduce aspects of historic Little Queen Street which was lost in earlier redevelopments.

Council staff believe Precinct Properties’ plans will also link with council proposals for the transformation of Quay Street waterfront.

“We are in the very early stages of proposals for this area,” said Deputy Mayor and Auckland Development Committee chair Councillor Penny Hulse. “With the city rail link tunnels running below Precinct Properties buildings, it makes sense to align the tunnel construction with the company’s development programme.

“Working with the company will produce the best outcome for all parties, including new public amenities at no cost to ratepayers.”



Note that Queen Elizabeth Square has NOT been sold. However, the Council through today have made their intent known that they do wish to sell the Square back to the private sector.

A decision at the Auckland Development Committee in August will decide whether to actually sell the Square or not.


Full commentary tomorrow