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And Back From Vaction

All Rested and Ready to Go


And we are back from out short mid-winter break in Tauranga and Rotorua – back to the grind that is Auckland.

Although both Bekka and I do have a “day off” tomorrow it will be spent preparing for a hectic week next week.

August 13 will be the busy day as the Auckland Plan Committee meets to note further interim directions on the Unitary Plan which this round has some meaty stuff in it. That meaty stuff also includes Port of Auckland which has cropped back up as it pushes on with expansion plans at its current Waterfront site.

You can see part of the Agenda HERE – although the Unitary Plan material has not be released yet. Once it has been done so I will upload that material into Scribd and into Talking Auckland.


Pretty much Action Stations next week. Always seems to be when one returns from a holiday.



Here We Go Again with Port of Auckland

Round Two

With Port Expansions


This is a case of here we go again with Port of Auckland and its more modest expansion plans at its Waterfront site.

Seems Bernard Orsman has a new (well old) topic to go latch onto until August 13 – when the Auckland Plan Committee meets again.

The Herald is planning to run a “series” on the latest plans for expansion at the Waitemata site. Talking Auckland though will not be running any commentary on the latest rounds from POAL and its expansion proposals.

The reason being that I have originally covered matters relating to the Port expansion plans earlier (check the Waterfront Auckland Waterfront Index at the top of the page) as well as that there is no new material to comment on until Part Two of the review is conducted (if it ever will be). Orsman did handily outline the two parts to the review for easy reference:

From the NZ Herald

Port push into harbour set to be part of Auckland plan

By Bernard Orsman @BernardOrsman

5:30 AM Monday Aug 5, 2013

Expansion plan reviews – what’s involved

Stage 1
* A technical study by PricewaterhouseCoopers on the current and future freight demand and supply for the three upper North Island ports, Auckland, Tauranga and Northland.

It found:
* The upper North Island needs all its ports to meet strong growth, and the best way to meet future demand is to grow the ports.
* Ports of Auckland is likely to face capacity constraints before Tauranga and Northland.
* Losing the 3ha of land at Captain Cook and Marsden wharves would make matters worse.
* Further reclamation needed over the next 30 years, but less than previously thought.

Stage 2
* To inform the long-term strategic planning choices for the Auckland waterfront.

To consider:
* Different configurations and alternative locations for Ports of Auckland.
* Economic costs and benefits of various options.
* Alignment with current transport strategies, plans and programmes.
* Legal and other barriers to various options.
* Auckland Council engaging with communities with an interest in port development about the results of the work.



August 13 folks – it is open to the public and I will be there running the commentary live as it happens.

Record Month for the Blog

NZ Blog Rankings Out

And the Open Parachute NZ blog rankings for May are out. Talking Auckland (formally BR:AKL) took 46th place for the month on the back of strong Unitary Plan coverage.

From Open Parachute:

May ’13 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

46 Ben Ross: Auckland 4766 7815

It all seems we had plenty to talk about with the Unitary Plan – now closed for this round of feedback with BR:AKL leading the charge on the commentary from Day One (even while in Australia).

A massive thanks to the readers and those who commented. Big shout outs to Generation Zero, ATB, Russell Brown at Public Address and Metro Magazine for keeping the sanity and balance in the Unitary Plan commentary.

With the Unitary Plan to one-side and a hot topic issue now died down for now, it is a case of what next. There does not seem to be many things as “sexy” as the UP that stirs the passion of the city. While I will cover the 2013 Elections and resume coverage on transport and Port of Auckland, I ask the readers what are you looking for or want covered between now and the next round of Unitary Plan submissions (the formal notification).

Although again folks no I am not running for a Council seat on Auckland Council. My apologies there for this round. 2016 however – well I won’t rule that out 😉

Drop a comment below or leave an email.


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Auckland: 2013 – YOUR CITY, YOUR CALL

Concerns on the Manukau South Link

Port of Auckland – Can we talk please?

Caught this today in the Manukau Courier. Rather interesting that they bring this up today of all days. Ah well lets take a look:

Wiri train tracks block access

Creating a southern connection between the Manukau Train Station and the main trunk line could be more difficult than first thought.

Local boards throughout the south have called for the link so passengers can travel from Manukau to Papakura and Pukekohe directly.

Passengers wanting to head south from Manukau now have to transfer at Papatoetoe.

But a Kiwirail spokeswoman says if the connection gets approval it would need to cross tracks that lead to Ports of Auckland’s inland port at Wiri.

That would require reconstruction of those tracks.

“This part of the rail corridor has quite complex track layouts because of the Manukau branch junction, the port facility and the EMU [Electric Multiple Units] depot,” she says.

A Ports of Auckland spokesman didn’t want to comment on how ripping up its tracks could affect operations at the port because no-one had put forward an official proposal to do the work.

But Manurewa Local Board chairwoman Angela Dalton says linking the Manukau station with the main trunk line made more sense than other transport projects being pushed.

“It doesn’t make sense to me, pouring money into the city rail link when we need to get things moving out here.

“We need to get cars off the streets and the trains connecting effectively.”

Auckland Transport‘s main priority at the Manukau line is double-tracking it so services can run every 10 minutes to and from Britomart, council documents show.

It’s also assessing the viability of a link between the two lines as part of its rail development plan.


The Manukau South (Rail) Link is a project that I have been following closely since I first raised the point that a Electrification Mast would be in the road of the south link early last year. It is a project that I still follow closely while Auckland Transport develop a case study for this link – that south so desperately need!

In saying that though has anyone actually approached Port of Auckland and had a decent conversation with them on how the South Link might work. Work as in POAL has their Wiri Inland Port that covers part of the South Link path. And whether POAL should move their Wiri facility 900 metres down the road where this is a mothballed siding and massive block of land sitting vacant.

Port of Auckland I think we of the South need to have a chat over coffee and hot scones. What do you think?


Consultation on Port of Auckland

Time to Talk Port


Bit of a change of tact today. Today BR:AKL talks port – no not the drink – the port that sits on Auckland‘s prime waterfront and moves goods in and out of the city via ship.


During the anxiety caused by the Housing Accord being dumped upon Auckland by the clueless Dr Nick Smith, Port of Auckland released their latest development proposals. You can read the “interactive” presentation from Port of Auckland here: Port of Auckland Development Proposals

Note: You need Flash to run the page and  not recommended on Smart Phones


I have gone through the entire proposal on first glance and will take a decent look at it tomorrow (unless someone else decides to dump a Unitary Plan stopper upon the city) (makes a good break from the UP anyhow). In going through it my pragmatism came to the play and some realisations had to be “made.”


Port of Auckland knows very well I would like to see the port shifted to the South East Auckland site near Clevedon (and 35mins east from where I live in Papakura). This would allow the redevelopment of the $4.5b worth of waterfront real estate into something more eye pleasing to the public, as well as get that freight traffic off the inner motorway system (to the point of staving off the Eastern Highway even further). However, due to Council through its shortsightedness (Ann Hartley) in denying the second part of the Port Review (looking at relocation options) the city (we) are stuck with the port staying where it is. In the same regard the Port seem happy enough to stay where it is, so efforts flip over to mitigation on their expansion ideas.


And so I realise the Port is staying where it is and now thoughts focus on how do we mitigate the worst of the effects if and when the Port expands in its current location. Hence I shall have good look at the proposal tomorrow and give my feed back on what POAL is proposing.


In the same regard; Port of Auckland is asking for public feed back. So please do so as this is critical piece of infrastructure and real estate holder in Auckland.





Port of Auckland Debate

Port of Auckland Debate is Back


I have brought back my Auckland Waterfront Index to the front page after putting into suspension with Port of Auckland (POAL) making another attempt in its bid to extend the port in its current location at the downtown waterfront.

This has been brought on after commentary from ATB on Port of Auckland’s scaled back expansion program proposal which can be seen at this post: Do we need a port in downtown Auckland?


Admittedly I was wondering why I got such a large spike in traffic on what are usually quiet Sundays for me. I send my thanks to Sacha for his link back to my “POSSIBLE PORT OF AUCKLAND RELOCATIONS” post which did stir some debate although somewhat one-sided.


So it seems after a 12 month break, the POAL chestnut is back on the table with me opening around of commentary on Facebook:

Tony Gibson is as unvisionary as Councillor Ann Hartley who shot down Part Two of the Upper North Island Port Review which to look at ALL OPTIONS for Port of Auckland. And by ALL OPTIONS I mean whether:
1) Expanding the Port as is where is, is a good idea
2) Moving the Port to Clevedon is a good idea}
3) Moving the Port to Marsden Point and Port of Tauranga is a good idea

The review would have looked at all costs AND benefits to each of those three options so at least Auckland knows where it stands in any future decisions


Port of Auckland have replied through Twitter after I posted the above with them noting that I am most likely to be opposed to the new expansion idea – which I am.


A reminder to all that I support moving the Port to Clevedon unless a comprehensive report will all the pro and con’s for my reading and comprehension is undertaken and presented.


I better keep an eye out when the public consultations start on POAL again…

Be Right Back

Coming Soon


Apologies for the lack of posts recently – things have been a bit more flat put than I like at the moment, diverting my attention away from BR:AKL commentary.


In saying that, things going on behind the scenes and across Social Media have still being happening with myself engaged in a constructive conversation with Ports of Auckland over the port review and future plans for our port. As of today I am also now reviewing the release of the City Centre Future Access Study which has just been released by Mayor Len Brown, and already spun for their own agendas by Councillor Brewer and the NZ National Party (which is currently in government). While Auckland Council has released the report (the pdf files are at the bottom of the webpage), my initial reaction until I have personally reviewed the files are the following:

Yes I am seeing the spin from all sides on the CRL debate after the CCFAS report was released by the Mayor. Conclusion, time to get someone else to bring the project through on a much better delivery plan that includes timetable and costs...


So not to worry folks, as soon as things calm down and normality is restored I shall be back running the commentary again – especially around Port of Auckland and the CCFAS Study.


Be seeing you soon – oh and love this hot summer weather here too 😀


And the current position I am taking on the CRL can be found currently HERE!