And Back From Vaction

All Rested and Ready to Go


And we are back from out short mid-winter break in Tauranga and Rotorua – back to the grind that is Auckland.

Although both Bekka and I do have a “day off” tomorrow it will be spent preparing for a hectic week next week.

August 13 will be the busy day as the Auckland Plan Committee meets to note further interim directions on the Unitary Plan which this round has some meaty stuff in it. That meaty stuff also includes Port of Auckland which has cropped back up as it pushes on with expansion plans at its current Waterfront site.

You can see part of the Agenda HERE – although the Unitary Plan material has not be released yet. Once it has been done so I will upload that material into Scribd and into Talking Auckland.


Pretty much Action Stations next week. Always seems to be when one returns from a holiday.