Month: October 2013

And This Debate is Still Going On

About Wynyard Quarter and the Auckland Waterfront   I picked up Joel Cayford’s post about “issues” with Auckland Transport when it comes to non-car/truck connectivity to a section of Auckland. … Continue reading And This Debate is Still Going On

Media Notice From Auckland Council

Checks Complete – Independent Review to Confirm Checks


I don’t usually get these sort of advisories coming through bit it landed in the box. And in the name of stability for Auckland it is a rare case I would re-publish the following:

Chief executive confirms review

Auckland Council Chief Executive Doug McKay said today that the Mayor has no council credit card and all invoices and payments from the mayoral budget are checked and approved by the chief of staff.


“I have received an assurance from both the Mayor and his chief of staff that no mayoral office funds were used in relation to the Mayor’s relationship with Ms Chuang.”


“However I have agreed to independently review this to confirm that is the case.”




Details on the independent review will be made known as soon as it is released