Presentation for 21st Century Auckland – Go

Presentation to be given at Council Urban/Rural Urban Development Committee



Good news everybody! Approval has been given by the Chair of the Urban/Rural Development Committee (Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse) for my presentation on Thursday 28th November.

The topic will be on ‘Developing a 21st Century Auckland‘ which is currently running as a series here in Talking Auckland.

Essentially what I will be highlighting in the presentation (and hopefully I can get more than the 5 minutes usually allocated as there is a lot of points to cover) is with Area Plans coming out for development, Council need to “get it right” with the respective communities. And by getting it right I mean Area Plans that do allow Auckland to leave the 1950’s behind (a bit hard with the double-downing on some of these gold-plated motorway projects at the moment (The Southern Motorway upgrade though is a critical and much-needed one)) and march forward into the 21st Century.


The presentation is again three prong each covering different aspects of developing a 21st Century Auckland.

  • First Prong: Introduction and Laying Down the Challenge with Area Plans
  • Second Prong: Developing a 21st Century Auckland using the Area Plans
  • Third Prong: A 21st Century Manukau – an example of how a Super Metropolitan Centre can escape its 1960’s past and march proudly into the 21st Century¬†


The presentation material and supplementary booklet will be embedded below.

If you are interesting in how Auckland Council works or want to see the presentation the Committee starts at 9:30am on Level 2 of Town Hall. Fail that there is the All About Auckland live video feed that runs as well on the internet.

In the meantime I better go brush up on that presentation for next Thursday.


The Developing a 21st Century Auckland presentation slides


Manukau Concept Drawings and 3D Sketch-Up Mock-Up presentation slides


The Presentation supplementary booklet