Kiwi’s Announcement With Drury Starts Ball Rolling on New Town/Metro Centre

All go in the south


It was only last week I reported that Auckland to Receive its 11th Metropolitan Centre? Is the Super Metro Back?. Well Kiwi Property (owners of Sylvia Park and the main appellant against Parking Minimums in the Centres in the Unitary Plan) have been busy buying up land in Drury for a new town centre.

From Bob Dey’s Property Report:

Kiwi Property plans new town centre next to Stevenson’s Drury development

Kiwi Property Group Ltd has bought some of 51.3ha at Drury, with agreements to secure the balance, to create a new town centre next to Stevenson Group Ltd’s mostly industrial 360ha development site.

The 3 greenfield sites are next to the junction of the Southern Motorway, Great South Rd and the North Island main trunk railway line, 35km south of Auckland’s city centre.

Kiwi chief executive Chris Gudgeon said in a release today the company had acquired some of the land, and had secured agreements to acquire more, as a strategic long-term holding to capitalise on Auckland’s continuing population growth.

“Our vision is to develop a town centre to complement the existing Drury town centre, which would be staged over the next 20 years to coincide with predicted population growth, household formation & employment growth in South Auckland.

“We will work with Auckland Council & infrastructure providers to secure a town centre zoning providing for commercial & retail uses integrated with high, medium & low density housing – all within walking distance of an integrated public transport node.”


………“Drury is already a highly accessible location, at the junction of the Southern Motorway, Great South Rd & the North Island main trunk railway line. Transport links to this area are only going to get better, with Auckland Transport’s plans for the construction of the Mill Rd southern arterial route, electrification of rail through to Pukekohe and the opportunity to construct a railway station adjacent to the town centre.”

The land’s current zoning under the unitary plan is future urban.

Mr Gudgeon said Kiwi’s plans for the amalgamated sites would be complementary to Stevenson’s adjacent development.




The tentative site is to the south-east of the current Drury motorway interchange and north of the Drury South heavy industrial complex on what is currently Future Urban Zoned land.

Drury Future Urban Zone


As picked up last week the development can go either one of two ways:

Option one

  • A major centre e.g. a large town or even metropolitan centre to the east of SH1 close to the existing industrial area and Drury Village. People living in Drury West would travel longer distances and cross the State Highway to access most retail and service needs.
  • Four minor centres in Drury West providing convenience shops only e.g. including dairies, bakeries or cafes.
  • A single train station located in the major centre near Drury with high density housing around it providing a walk-up passenger base as well as a possible park and ride facility.
  • Residential activity with lower density at the coast in the northern part of Drury West.

Option two

  • One major centre at Drury and one at Drury West to balance local accessibility and passing visitor traffic. Other centres would be minor centres only. The major centre in Drury would be smaller than in option one.
  • The Drury West major centre would be closer, more accessible and convenient for residents living here offering a wider range of retail, employment and service opportunities. It also enjoys a prominent location increasing business viability.
  • Two train stations located in conjunction with the two major centres.
  • The Drury West major centre and train station would be close to the proposed future office park and Drury South providing patronage from employees, business visitors and residents. This could lead to more local jobs and increased use of local trains.
  • Residential activity with lower density at the coast in the northern part of Drury West.


Source: Auckland to Receive its 11th Metropolitan Centre? Is the Super Metro Back?

My preference was a blend of the two options to allow the construction of both a Metropolitan Centre and a Town Centre further to the south-west.


None-the-less development in the South is accelerating creating pressure on Auckland Council (and its Council Controlled Organisation family) to get the planning and infrastructure mix right first time.

A timely reminder: The Auckland Donut: A Presentation to the Council Planning Committee


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Step 4 and 5 of Manukau Framework Plan
Source: Panuku Development Auckland