HAVE YOUR SAY: Southern Auckland’s Future! Drury-Pukekohe Structure Planning Underway

Have your say on the future of Southern Auckland


It has finally started after the Unitary Plan went live in November 2016. The attempt to plan and map out the future of the Future Urban Zone between Drury and Paerata has begun with Structure Planning now under way by Auckland Council.


From Shape Auckland:

Status: Open

Closing date:20/10/2017

Area: Papakura and Franklin

Contact: Southern Structure Planning

  • When you have read the consultation documents, and are ready to have your say, use the online feedback form.


The Auckland Unitary Plan has identified land around Drury and Pukekohe-Paerata as areas for future urban development.

This means that:

  • there will be significant urban growth in these two areas over the next 10-20 years
  • Auckland Council is starting structure planning to guide the future urban development of these two areas.

A large number of new houses are proposed in the future urban zoned areas. New business areas are also likely.
This new urban growth needs to be planned comprehensively and in an integrated way.

Opportunities and constraints relevant to urban planning have been identified for Drury and Paerata-Pukekohe.

Structure planning process in Drury and Pukekohe

The Auckland Unitary Plan Operative in Part (AUPOP) sets out the requirements for a structure plan.

Structure plans:

  • identify opportunities and constraints relating to the land including: infrastructure provision, heritage, natural values and natural hazards
  • investigate and address the potential effects of urbanisation in the structure plan areas
  • identify suitable urban land uses
  • do not rezone land but they will guide future plan change processes to rezone future urban zoned land.

The council is carrying out investigations and preparing structure plans for these two areas.
The structure plans for Drury and Paerata-Pukekohe will become the basis for council’s initiated plan changes.

Have your say

You can read through the consultation documents in the tabs above, and submit your feedback by filling in the form:

Feedback is open from 25 September until Friday 20 October 2017.



This is where Auckland Council is talking about


The Southern Auckland Future Urban Zone is the largest in Auckland in terms of size and capacity. It if developed to optimum potential (note this is not maximum potential) the Southern Auckland Urban Zone will house 55,000 homes (165,000 residents) and employment places for 35,000 jobs including light and heavy industry.


To do this means serious planning ahead – hence Structure Planning.


Below are the opening documents to both Drury and Paerata sub sections of the Southern Auckland Future Urban Zone Structure Plans:































I will be putting my submission on once I have made my way through the documents

You can as well through the various methods below:


When you have read the consultation documents, and are ready to have your say, use the online feedback form.

Drop-in sessions in Drury and Pukekohe

Come to one of our drop-in sessions to find out more about the structure planning process in Drury and Pukekohe.

This is your chance to:

  • share your views, and
  • give feedback on the future urban zoning and development in your area.
Date Time Venue
Wednesday, 27 September 6.30-8.30pm Drury Hall
Saturday, 30 September 8am to noon Franklin Market, Pukekohe
Tuesday, 3 October 4-7pm Pukekohe Library
Thursday, 5 October 4-7pm Edmund Hillary Library, Papakura
Saturday, 7 October 8am to noon Franklin Market, Pukekohe
Wednesday, 11 October 6.30-8.30pm Franklin: The Centre
Saturday,14 October 8am to noon Franklin Market, Pukekohe

Other ways to find out more about the Drury and Pukekohe structure plan

From Monday, 25 September you can:


Source: Shape Auckland


The future of Southern Auckland is pretty much in our hands!


5 thoughts on “HAVE YOUR SAY: Southern Auckland’s Future! Drury-Pukekohe Structure Planning Underway

  1. Give us back the buses. To get to Drury from Pukekohe you have to catch a train to Papakura, then a bus to Drury then do the same in reverse to get back. Its 2 or more hours travelling especially if you miss connections which seems to happen often now the timetable have been changed. Also the price is huge because of it, its unfair & thoughtless to so many that it was removed.

    1. Yuck that is not good at all. Agree a 20 minute frequent bus between Pukekohe and Papakura should be in place until the Drury and Paerata Stations are built and the new trains are also running – all meant to be done by about 2020 at the moment.

  2. I was thinking they would run right though to Britomart instead of changing trains at Papakura. Really interested in current route proposals for the Mill Rd, Drury expressway that was promised earlier this month…….

    1. Covered by the Papakura to Pukekohe Shuttle which goes to electric trains from 2019 (well ones with batteries in them)

      Bus network south of Papakura will be reworked when the new urban areas develop and the two new stations are built.

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