Redoubt Road and Mill Road Northern Section Upgrades on their way

Dynamic lanes and implementation plans coming 2019

I had sent one of my Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act requests to Auckland Transport and they have replied back. In this case it was about the Murphy’s Road/Redoubt Road intersection which can be hazardous and back up in traffic (anytime of the week). I asked AT what their plans were to upgrade this area, this was their response:

Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 – CAS-913954-W8C3W3

Thank you for your query regarding the status of Mill Road Corridor at the intersection of Redoubt Road and Murphy’s Road.
Since Auckland Transport confirmed the designation for the northern part of the Mill Road corridor in early 2016, government priorities for transport investment shifted. The refresh of the Auckland Transport Alignment Project in 2018 to align with these changed priorities recommended initially targeting intersection and safety improvements along the corridor, prior
to longer-term investment. This project has now been included within the Supporting Growth Work programme, which will re-evaluate the scope of the original project as part of the strategic transport network for in the south to support future growth.

The Alliance is currently considering options to support greater movement of people along the corridor, new connections in northern section, options to pass through or around Papakura and where the southern section of the corridor should connect to State Highway 1. While we consider how the corridor fits into a longer term strategic corridor for the south, Auckland Transport will be targeting intersection and safety improvements including Murphy’s Road and Redoubt Rd intersection along the corridor using the funding included in the 2017/18 Regional Land Transport Plan (RLTP).

In addition, Auckland Transport will be investigating the installation of Dynamic Lanes to improve traffic flows on a section of Redoubt Road
between the Manukau southbound offramp and Hollyford Drive
. More information on this can be found at 

More information about Supporting Growth and what is being considered for the Mill Road Corridor can be seen on the programme webpage An implementation plan will be identified as part of the Mill Road corridor business case which will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2019. If you have more specific queries about the programme, please feel free to call us on 0800 Grow Aki 0800 4769 255) or email us at


Basically 2+1 dynamic lanes are possibly coming for Redoubt Road (bus lanes were originally mentioned but with Airport to Botany on its way the bus routes will shift) while the full business case for Mill Road out late next year.

Improvements to the Murphy’s Road intersection are funded from the Regional Land Transport Program and given that is a three yearly updated document it should mean the upgrades are done prior to 2021. 

Cold comfort I know for those who use the corridor including myself looking for immediate upgrades but at least we know two improvements (dynamic lanes and the intersection upgrade) are on the way within the next three years. 


One thought on “Redoubt Road and Mill Road Northern Section Upgrades on their way

  1. Good to know they are thinking about improving redoubt road Manukau end, I was pulling my hair out wonder why AT had not been trying to fix the problem for years.

    I wonder if AT actually uses google maps to identify traffic black spots? The roundabout outside Alfriston school is pretty bad too.

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