PODCAST: Replacing the Resource Management Act Take 2. Thoughts and those Spatial Plans

Resource Management Act Review suggests replacing Act with new Legislation

Not long after the National Policy Statement – Urban Development was released by the Government, an independent report into replacing the Resource Management Act also decided to be released.

The Too Long : Didn’t Read version? The RMA would be initially replaced by a Natural and Built Environments Act, and a Strategic Planning Act. There is a third proposal around Climate Change and strategic retreating from the Coast but I have not covered that in this podcast.

In this podcast I take another look at replacing the Resource Management Act, and was it any different to what I proposed earlier:

The PowerPoint PDF: https://voakl.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/replacing-the-resource-management-act-mk2.pdf

I did find it a bit uncanny the similarity between my first and second takes on replacing the RMA despite not seeing the report when I wrote the MK1 podcast.

None-the-less the NBEA and SPA are supported by the Government and they want it in place by the end of next year. I am looking forward to this even though Spatial Planning gets upended and our work as Spatial Planners will be busy for quite a while.

Something Spatial Planning will need to address under the Strategic Planning Act. Widening that 30 minute catchment to Britomart and Manukau.